Tito Tong Turns Motivational Speaker

Reports reaching our gossip desk indicate that Sudanese born Kampala based tycoon Tito Tong has turned into a motivational speaker on top of running a chain of Monalisa businesses in town.

Tito Tong
Tito Tong

Snoops have established that the gigantic businessman has been holding seminars at his Kabusu based Monalisa Royale advising the youth (mostly Sudanese youths in Uganda) to work hard towards the development themselves.

According to sources, Tito is said to have told the youth to live exemplary lives since they are the leaders of tomorrow.

“He encouraged the youths to engage in constructive activities and should not be deceived by anyone that the recent war in South Sudan is good.

In fact, it is one of the reasons he has been organizing talent searches under his One Nation Entertainment at his posh hangout” reveals a source close to Tito.

Sources further reveal that Tito, the top supplier of food stuffs and military attires intends to take the seminars to South Sudan and also encourage the youths there to work hard and develop their nation as their fore fathers did.

He is rumoured to have left the country for Juba for the grand opening of Monalisa Empire where Jose Chameleone is expected to perform.

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  1. He might need to wear a bag over his head , if he’s to inspire any youths out there …If looks were just bought, he w’d be the first to pay for his subscription

    1. ouch and another ouch…but u sure tickled me with this your comment…abantu muli bazibu…atleast he his bold enough to show his face.wabula ahh ha

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