Report Misuse Of Government Vehicles, Kabale CAO Urges Public

Frank Ntaho, the Chief Administrative Officer at Kabale district has appealed to the public to report all civil servants who misuse government vehicles by using them for private businesses especially beyond the recommended working hours of 5pm.


In an exclusive interview with Red Pepper, Ntaho said he will not be scared to arrest any civil servant found using the government ambulance or any other government vehicle   beyond the working hours or using them for their own businesses.

Ntaho’s stance follows a campaign carried out by Uganda Debt Network and Red Pepper to reverse the tide against misuse of government vehicles a year ago.

He said government uses a lot of money (tax payers’ money) to purchase and repair these vehicles so civil servants should value them.

“I am the only one of all civil servants in the district and chairman (LCV) who are supposed to go with the vehicles at home and the rest should
be parked in the yard by 5pm, except when there is an emergency,” Ntaho said, adding that he has always punished officers who misuse government property.

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