Police Hunt For Human Trafficker Atiku

Fugitive Joel Okuyo Atiku alias Prynce
Fugitive Joel Okuyo Atiku alias Prynce
He is popular for gracing billboards like this Safari beer advert in Kenya
He is popular for gracing billboards like this Safari beer advert in Kenya
Atiku has also appeared on leading telecom providers MTN Billboards
Atiku has also appeared on leading telecom providers MTN Billboards
Atiku's unidentified bonkmate (R) carelessly posed for pictures the M-net Africa Magic film festival awards, Uganda chapter that led bloodthirsty Atiku into attacking Ogola
Atiku’s unidentified bonkmate (R) carelessly posed for pictures the M-net Africa Magic film festival awards, Uganda chapter that led bloodthirsty Atiku into attacking Ogola
Joel Atiku Prynce is a canny character and a ladies' man
Joel Atiku Prynce is a canny character and a ladies’ man

Joel Okuyo Atiku alias Prynce, a goon who is wanted by several international security organisations for allegedly conniving with a gang of human traffickers to traffic Ugandan girls into sex slavery, is being hunted by police. Atiku, who has eluded the Uganda police and Interpol for a long time, is being hunted for by the police after attacking a hello! Daily reporter Yusuf Ogola, at Serena hotel Kampala last Sunday.

Ogola had gone to cover the M-net Africa Magic film festival awards, Uganda chapter. Bloodthirsty Atiku attacked Ogola and smashed his expensive camera and Nikkon SB900 flash worth over Shs4.5m, accusing him of taking pictures of his unidentified bonkmate. As he clobbered our reporter, Atiku was heard shouting that “You people of hello!Daily and Red Pepper have been following me everywhere and I’ve always looked for an opportunity to revenge; now I’ve got it!”


The reporter later rushed to Central Police Station, Kampala where he reported cases of assault and malicious damage vide case file number SD:04/30/8/2014 of CPS and cops have launched a hunt for him.

Sex Slaves Cases

Atiku was a few weeks back netted by police in Mukono after being linked to a human trafficking curtail that sells Ugandan girls to Malaysia. He was later given bond but jumped it and opted to become a fugitive of the law. However, Atiku’s days of unleashing evil upon Ugandans are soon over, after the International Community putting a lot of pressure on Ugandan government officials to apprehend and bring him to justice for the crimes against humanity he is alleged to have committed.

Between 2010 and September 2012, over 763 Ugandan girls entered Malaysia and several of these were brutally murdered after forcefully working in brothels. But before death, the girls’ internal organs like lungs, kidneys, livers etc would be removed by their captors for sale.

To date, several international orgnisations have rescued about 500 girls from Malaysian sex slavery and offered them asylum in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia and Canada. Ever since he learnt that he is on police’s wanted list, Atiku, who was once an employ of a leading a Brewery company in Uganda, has lived a very elusive life, avoiding public places and always appearing clandestinely when he does.

He is a close friend of Ugandan music producer Matt Bish and actress Cleopatra Koheirwe. Investigators trailing him reveal that when he was arrested, he used money to quickly secure bond from the police and has never resurfaced at Mukono police. It is said that he keeps on changing locations and the last time he was spotted was in Wandegeya, where he is said to be confusing some young girls that he can train them in boxing and even help them get sponsors from abroad.


Before his brief arrest, he was based in Seeta, Mukono, from where he used to recruit University and Secondary school students   purportedly to get them jobs in Malaysia, Thailand, China and other countries, but most of these girls were forced t become porn stars and were later reportedly sold into sexual slavery in Asia and Arabia, because none of them were ever seen again.

While in Seeta, he used to ferry young girls in a red Land Cruiser station wagon which was owned by the Brewery Company, which also accused him of stealing a lot of property during the time he worked as a billboard model. Sources from the Brewery Company reveal that according to available investigations, Atiku’s greed has seen him fleece more than Shs200m from over 40 un-suspecting families, which was ransom disguised as financial help for their daughters he led to sexual captivity.

When he combined this with the huge cuts he got from delivering the girls to the slaves buyers in Malaysia, it helped him bribe his way out of jail in Uganda. For example he was working with one Afande Labu, who was with the President’s office, but when the cover up was unearthed Labu was demoted and even posted to Kotido.


Travel Ban

Atiku was early this year masquerading as a tycoon who wanted to promote the Uganda Cranes by organizing friendly matches between them and Asian countries. He thus spent a lot of time at Namboole stadium being photographed with the Cranes stars as they trained, which he later posted on the internet to purportedly show his the world his closeness with the national team. However, a quick background check about Atiku by some FUFA officials indicated that he was a phony, who is under a travel ban and cannot fly to any country, let alone being a tycoon with connections in Asia.

His bid was promptly dropped and he was ordered to keep a very long distance from the Uganda Cranes. This was after FUFA officials learnt that International organizations especially the United Nations umbrella bodies have strenuously waged a global campaign to see to it that Atiku’s crimes is denied international travelling on all airlines registered under the International Air Transport Association (IATA) umbrella.

He is persona-non-grata in Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom and all the western countries and cannot step in Kenya because he is hunted there too.

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  1. It served that photographer Ogola right. You invade people’s peace and privacy in a desperate bid to make a buck off them in the name of being journalists. Thank you Atiku Prynce, bitumanyiira. Well done man, and all those things written about you are no man’s business.

  2. you say he was banned from entering Kenya? hahahahahaaaaa………….. man you guys are crap, and i never knew Matt Bish was a music producer….. kale your such lazy bone ass journalists who cant first research what you write about.

  3. Guys Human traffiking is a very big crime, all of you are talking about a broken camera, cant you think of your sisters who have been decieved and killed. Assuming your sister is one of them, would you act the same. Anyway you dont know thw pain of slavery.

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