Mbabazi Supporters Celebrate His Sacking

A group of youth under the umbrella of NRM Poor Youth Forum (NPYF) is celebrating former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi’s sacking, saying he will now have time to campaign.

NRM Poor Youth thank M7 for sacking Mbabazi because he has given him more time search for the vote.
NRM Poor Youth thank M7 for sacking Mbabazi because he has given him more time search for the vote.

This was during a press briefing that was convened at mayor’s garden, Kawempe Division headquarters yesterday that was attended by among others-Richard Sserugo aka Kirekyankuba, Mubarak Ssenteza, Vincent Ssegawa, George Mutumba.

According to NPYF members, sacking Mbabazi has given him more time to do his personal work to push his political ambitions forward.

“We thank the president for sacking Mbabazi because he has given him more time search for the vote. He is going to start meeting all the youth all over Uganda. We have it on record that the many poor youths are the ones that mostly support Mbabazi” Kirekyankuba said.

He added, “The president has been making Mbabazi busy by sending him to various trips in America, China and other countries. In this he has not been getting enough time to meet us to discuss his strategic road to presidency. We have not, as youth benefited from President Museveni may be because we did not fight. Let us rally behind someone who seems to understand us”

NPYF warned Mbabazi not to dare diminish his presidency ambitions or think of crossing to Dr. Besigye’s camp. “Whoever Besigye recommends fails miserably. NPYF is country wide and we are ready by all means to look for the vote to oust president Museveni.

We thank Mbabazi for his brilliance when he jumped the trap that the president has set for him. The president trapped him with the position of the prime minister so that he resigns from the seat of the secretary general.

The plan had been designed that after a small time, the president was then going to drop him just like he did on Thursday so that he remains in air like Gilbert Bukenya. We know the president very well, after using someone he dumps him/her like garbage, thanks this did not happen on Mbabazi.

People like Besigye, Sejusa and others are on the run because they only survived on the mercy of the president, not like Mbabazi who was voted by thousands of people at Namboole” said Ssenteza.

He added, “For us we are not going to battle with opposition come 2016 but Museveni and we have already started to lay all plans to see that he comes on NRM card to stand as president.

The president thought that by sacking Mbabazi this will demoralize us but it has done the reverse because this has opened all our gates and offered us a reason to campaign against him”

Immediately after the briefing, Bwaise Police Investigations boss-arrived with an intention of having them arrested but they had already dispersed in the various rooms of the division blocks.

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