M7 To Kiir: Expedite Moyo Border Accord

President Museveni has asked his South Sudan Counterpart Silva Kiir to expedite the accord meant to comprehensively settle the Moyo border dispute in which so far three lives have been lost and scores injured.

President Yoweri Museveni (R) and his South Sudan counterpart Salva Kiir
President Yoweri Museveni (R) and his South Sudan counterpart Salva Kiir

In a message carried by Regional Affairs Minister Asuman Kiyingi to Kiir , the president expressed his unhappiness on the casual treatment of the matter.

Kiyingi said that he brought to the attention of the South Sudan president.

The minister said, after the two presidents toured the border in 2009, a pact was reached although S. Sudan never took action.

In the recent meeting with Kiir, the minister says, it was agreed to establish a joint technical committee for a border demarcation and verification so as to solve the issue.

“ It was agreed to set up to a technical committee for a border demarcation and verification, that committee will follow a  Memorandum of Understanding which has been outstanding for some time. We did our part, now they have agreed that they are going to sign, it is 9th will be done of October, the matter will be resolved comprehensively,” Kiyingi said.

He said Kiir regretted the border clash which resulted into the arrest of Uganda’s Moyo district chairperson and the census officials.

Kiir blasted the S. Sudanese for not accepting to be counted during the census yet they access Ugandan services.

Kiir said the aggression by his people was uncalled for since the census was meant to planning for services.

“Kiir’s position was that communities had been accessing services in Uganda and there was no reason for them to refuse the census even if they believed that they aren’t part Uganda,” Kiyingi said.

The minister also revealed that Kiir rescinded the position of expelling foreigners.

He said the president regretted the announcement made by his minister for labour without putting in context the ramifications that would come with such a stance.

Kiir said although they are reviewing the labour laws , some actors in his government had misunderstood what is at stake.

“ We should have been consulted and other countries like Kenya  , since they) applied to join EAC community so they can’t act unilaterally because it has bigger ramifications beyond the borders of south Sudan,” Kiyigi said.

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