Kyabazinga Claimant Wambuzi Congratulates Nadiope

Kyabazinga William Nadiope Gabula
Kyabazinga William Nadiope Gabula

Daudi Kaunhe Wakhooli, the Isabalangira of Busoga and Columbus Wako Wambuzi, a contender for the seat of Kyabazinga of Busoga Kingdom have congratulated William Nadiope Gabula, who is scheduled to be coronated this afternoon.

Gabula was elected on August 23rd by 10 of the 11 clan chiefs at the Busoga kingdom headquarters in an attempt to end the leadership dispute in the kingdom.

However, a day after Kaunhe and Wambuzi petitioned high court to block his coronation in vain. On Friday, JusticeGodfrey Namondi dismissed the application saying it lacked enough evidence to disqualify Gabula’s election. Now, Kaunhe and Wambuzi have congratulated Gabula upon winning the case. Kaunhe says he will attend Gabula’s coronation later today at Busoga kingdom headquarters in Jinja where thousands of people are already gathering. He however, says Wambuzi will skip the event.

Maureen Kyalya Walube, the presidential adviser on Poverty Alleviation for Busoga region who was also opposed to Gabula has sent her congratulatory messages. Kyalya was opposed to Gabula saying he was not fit to lead Busoga kingdom as a cultural head. Chief Juma Munulo of Bunhya Chiefdom says everything is moving according to plan. He says Gabula will be taken to Mpumwiire hill where elders from different clans from Busoga and Bunyoro kingdoms will perform certain rituals.

He says that from Mpumwiire hill, Gabula will head to Igenge hill for cultural cleansing before being coronated at Busoga kingdom headquarters. King Kabalega met his death Mpumwiire hill on his way back from exile in Seychelles Islands. Once coronated, Gabula will become the fourth Kyabazinga of Busoga since the Kingdom was established way back in 1939. His Grandfather Sir William Wilberforce Kadhumbula Nadiope was the second Kyabazinga of Busoga between 1949 to 1955. He also doubled as the first Vice President of Uganda.

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  1. Wambuzi has no choice, but to congratulate Nadiope. These two have bury the hatchet and work hand in hand to fight the jigger pandemic

  2. Wambuzi now you have shown maturity which we expect from our leaders like you since we r yearning for democracy in Africa.
    Thanx for displaying maturity by congratulating yo brother, next time he will also congratulate yu. Work hard both of you to unite us and develop Obusoga. Good luck Isebantu Gabula1V, in all your endeavours.

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