Kigezi High School Suspends Warring Students

Kigezi High School has decided to send all male students in senior three, four, five and six back home following Wednesday’s violent clashes.


The announcement was made by the Kigezi High School head teacher Benon Twinomujuni.

Twinomujuni described the action as an “indefinite suspension,” though the students did not receive letters indicating so.

Twinomujuni explained that the school administration had taken the drastic decision after consultation with Kabale district security officials.

Twinomujuni says students are to begin leaving the school campus this morning.

Kabale District Police Commander Bosco Arop supports the school’s decision.

Arop says the students had become too violent and a danger to themselves. He says the students attacked a security guard who mans the gate to the boys dormitories.


Arop said he was unhappy to learn that students in senior four and senior six were at the heart of the clash between the students.

The Wednesday fight at the school was reportedly triggered by the decision by O-level students to wear  long trousers. In Kigezi High School

Traditionally O-Level students at Kigezi High School put on khaki shorts and white short-sleeved shirts white A-Level students put on black trousers and long-sleeved white shirts.

However, the school gives out a pair of shorts and one black trouser to O-Level students while A-Level students get two black trousers.

But A-level students are now protesting the provision of black trousers to students in lower classes.

At around 11:00am on Wednesday a group of A-Level students armed with sticks allegedly moved in to force the O-level students to remove the black trousers which they had chosen to wear.  One student was reportedly injured in the ensuing scuffle.

O-Level students then mobilised launched a retaliatory strike that escalated into full scale fighting on the campus.

Twinomujuni says attempts to reconcile the students had failed prompting them to send all the male population in the four classes home.

Female students at Kigezi High School are not affected by the order. They reportedly did not take part in the fight between A-Level and O-Level students.

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