Grass eating congregation now drinks pineapple flavoured ‘petrol’

The controversial Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries, infamous for making his congregation eat grass, has struck again, this time encouraging members of his church to drink petrol after he turned it into pineapple juice.

In a Youtube video that starts with a cautionary note, warning people not to try this if they can not turn water into wine, members of Pastor Lesego’s congregation are seen drinking what the pastor claims is petrol claiming it tastes sweet, like pineapple juice and Iron Brew.

Members of his congregation are seen clamouring desperately to have a drink of the petrol as the pastor preaches and encourages them.

According to, petrol is considered dangerous for your health because it is poisonous. Exposure to gas either through physical contact or inhalation can cause health problems such as abdominal pain, vision loss and burning in the esophagus.

It also causes dizziness, extreme fatigue, convulsions, body weakness and unconsciousness, which members of the congregation appear to display in the video.

* Watch the video above and scroll to 05:40 min in the video to see the drama. 

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