Fresh Landslides Hit Bulambuli

Fresh landslides have hit Bulambuli district washing away several acres of famers gardens and killing livestock. No human fatalities have been reported so far. 

Bududa is alsoba mudslide Prone area
Bududa is also a mudslide Prone area

The landslides at Munimani village, Namusini Sub County in Bulambuli occurred at about 5:30pm on Thursday evening.

30 hybrid goats, eight heifer cows were killed while more than 20 acres of gardens were destroyed. On these gardens had been coffee, cassava, bananas, beans, onions, maize and cabbages among others. Several eucalyptus trees were also destroyed.

The affected village is at the ridge of Mt Elgon.

Silver Cokerup Magona, one of the victims explains that at least 10 families have been affected by the mud slide. Magona says that before the mudslides, there was a drizzle that intensified into heavy rain.

Magona says on hearing a loud explosion during the rain, most people scampered out of their homes fearful a landslide was underway. They headed for the lower belt of the mountain which is considered safer.

Magona says when they returned to their homes after the rain, they found a wide range of destruction. Apart from the destruction of the gardens, Magona says he lost 30 goats.

Magona says he has 10 children to look after but he does not know how he will be able to do that without his goats.

Magona accuses government of deliberately refusing to relocate those living in the mountain areas and demanding for compensation from government for the loss.

James Muluwe, another victim who claims he lost 2 acres of coffee plantation and bananas asked government to fast tract the resettlement program for those living in risky areas of the Mt Elgon slope.

Filda Najenche, another victim who is a widow also lost six of her heifer cows after the storm uprooted a huge tree which was in her compound and fell on the animals killing them instantly.

The Thursday’s landslide occurred in a sub county near Sisiyi Sub County in Bulambuli where more than 30 people were killed in a landslide that occurred on August 29th 2011.

Simon Peter Wanozofu, the Bulambuli District LC V chairman is bitter about the government’s delay to implement the relocation program for those living on the Mt Elgon slope which is prone to the disaster. He explains what happened.

Wanozofu who expresses fear of possible several reoccurrences in the area is demanding that government should be compelled to head to cries of those living on the slope of Mt Elgon.

In April 2012, authorities in Bulambuli district petitioned parliament to compel government to relocate residents living on the slopes of Mt Elgon that are prone to landslides

This forced government through the Ministry of Finance to allocate 39 Billion shillings earmarked for the relocation of about 30, 000 families living in the risky areas of Mt Elgon Region.

The Finance Ministry announced last financial year that it had released 8 billion shillings to the Office of the Prime Minister for the of purchase land but to date no land has been purchased for the relocation.

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