Bebe Cool Under Fire For ‘Banning’ South Sudan Nationals From His Concerts

Bebe Cool Big Size is under fire after he posted on his official Facebook page that he will ban all South Sudan nationals from his concerts if they dare expel all foreign workers from South Sudan.

Bebe Cool
Bebe Cool

In his post, Bebe Cool said that; “If it is true, let me be the first person to react positively by saying let no South Sudanese ever attend my concerts and i shall do no favor for any South Sudanee effective 15th October”

Bebe Cool said this after the South Sudan Labour ministry announced that all foreign workers should hand over their positions to the local nationals.

Several people have attacked Bebe Cool because of his ‘negative’ attitude towards the issue.

Below are some of the reactions from his fans.

Sebit William Ker Tony Wow, you are a total disappointment to many. How on earth do you react to something you don’t know or understand? (Oh they say you didn’t study);you see, books are very important. Bobi wine for example will never write some crap- Ok having said that, let me tell you what happened; South Sudan ministry of labor issued a circular regulating What jobs can be occupied by Foreigners and which one by the locals.(has absolutely nothing to do with expulsion of foreigners) Same case in Uganda and all other countries over the world. You can’t find a South Sudanese working as a private secretary in any public offices in Uganda. Why should it be Different for the case of South Sudan? Please Next time you want to comment on something, first understand the details. Now a piece of Advice, swallow your misplaced ego and apologize to your South Sudanese fans(not me) for i know you can be more than that stupid post.

T’gun Dave Paulinho Stop spreading wrong information before verification. South Sudan government has not sent away any foreigner. Ministry of Labour only set limits on employment of Aliens in the country by giving 80% jobs to Nationals & 20% to foreigners. Every country has it labour laws why bother South Sudanese.# mind ur business!

Harriet Kundu Bebe Cool you are such a fool,who cares about your show. FYI tomorrow we are attending DR. JOSE Chameleone big time, live concert in Juba, South Sudan for three days. You don’t even know how to sing apart from competing with Radio and Weasel who are far better than you. Please grow up. And I believe your concerts entrance are not free of charge therefore you need that money from your fans. Childish…preach peace, get the right message! FOOL..

Maurice Muki Bebe Cool did not understand anything about this circular. Ur concerts targets Ugandan audience as it’s in Luganda, where do South Sudanses come in here? Is your concerts Gospel concerts that can increase ones faith for redemption of the Soul? I thought you are natured all this time didn’t know you are still this raw! Stop those smokables leaves you start seing some sense

Ma Arm Along look at this confused muganda called Sali , u think without attenting your boring concert it can affect anyone, since 2008 i came to ug_kla i have never wasted my mullah to your funny songs shows bowq and am still in kla here

Martino Maluhal Thon Abraham So Big Size was it our problem that made you to get #3POINTS in S6 ? Those Ugandans who thinks they are competent enough should come and work in Uganda

Rapper Hot-Dogg Who are you anyway you are just Rasta man smoking weed ya music don’t event help my people..u are not even an international artist to talk like that…u just racist and I dare u response my comment

19 thoughts on “Bebe Cool Under Fire For ‘Banning’ South Sudan Nationals From His Concerts

  1. I didn’t know there are many uneducated Ugandans who foolishly react on what they don’t understand. And for your case Travor Kays Not all South Sudanese are Dinkas. Ya Bebe fool, How far will u go with your Music?? It has completely no market to South Sudanese.

  2. As a matter of fact, we do not need S.Sudanese, they need us! How many Ugandans have died up there for no reason and they are here posing as if they have no home! Everything they use comes from here, so let them stay where they belong, period!

    1. You cunt, I’m afraid it might take you maggots forever to get it nailed to that stinking skulls, that S. Sudan doesn’t need thieves like your kind.. We are willing buyers.. so FYI, any nation on Earth who have what we need will just land in Juba day or night.. therefore you need us more than we do.. imagine those wanted criminals you exported to Juba as “gifts” are just but hopeless dumped kids who’re altogether sucking from Juba’s unlimitted care.. we are allover East Africa injecting to your starving economy almost in everything we do to you, fools! we are renting your houses while your thugs are there in Juba dumping badluck and misfortune Countrywide, we are paying for our studies (we are buying knowledge, medication and so forth)

      so imagine a dumping site like Uganda without us, you coward!

      even if we were to go back tov our beloved country, yes, we can still order from home there, what we want from a better and greatful supplier… not of your like…

      East Africa is alarmingly plagued by poverty, War of all against all, you have even lost your precious cultures.. no vital point of living a decent life.. I just pity you thugs, South Sudan aint one of Uganda’s States/Counties that they can anytime loot at their will.. stupid souls you are!

      1. Did not know i was talking to some one from a dark end, sorry, but if i may ask, why on earth does one have to rent, buy knowledge, medication when you can make do, and comfortably at home, ass hole!

  3. sorry but the whole of South Sudan is not occupied by Dinkas only, the decree wasn’t a Dinka decree but a national decree. Anyway it shows your limited knowledge on the people you seem to want to attack. Being shallow is deadly especially when it’s knowledge-wise, it might be confused for low IQ…. or maybe it is….SMH.

  4. Dinklets….oohhh Lord!!! Is that even a word? or maybe your “own-compose” passes for good English….check your dictionary preferably Oxford for some British English not some weird words you coin from your bogus vocabulary. Also, just so you know, all those that you have summarized under the word “dinklets” might not be from Dinka at all (Assuming that’s where you coined “dinklets”) . Damn! your grammar though, makes me wanna tutor you.

    1. South Sudan, currently needs more of mature brains full of wisdom than linguists to resolve it’s conflict.

  5. Trevor and Emmy,you guys are right,these backward,uneducated,malnourished Dinkas do not appreciate Uganda’s contribution in South Sudan.If it is true regarding the same,then let UPDF pull out,close our border points to show them the impact.They are very unruly inhabitants all together.They have no respect to people here in Uganda.Even if Baby Cool had made whatever comment,he is entitled to his opinion and we have to respect that.These Dinklets as some friend said will be driven out one day. Please learn how to co-exist with one another like we do in Uganda.

    1. UPDF will not pull out because South Sudan is paying them dollars that everyone is dying for in UG, some will not even be happy if they are told to go back now,

      I mean it is not the same case when SPLA was fighting Tong tong without payment, everyone needs stabilization in the region, and one thing you should know is, you are the most uncivilized/uneducated person here, South sudan is not for Dinkas only but which education are you talking about anyway?

  6. Well I guess we all know that “Two wrongs don’t make a right!!!”
    People let’s spread some love…

  7. Travor Kayz, Bebe Cool is nobody but a former school drop-out who now makes his living by singing after smoking weeds. He is known to be popular amongst lumpens in the numerous slums of Kampala.

    Most of Bebe Cool are the numerous school drop-outs working in the informal sectors in Uganda also popularly referred to as the ‘youths’. Bebe Cool sings mostly in Luganda.

    Bebe Cool surely speaks for those fellows who are known for vandalising cars in the city, burglars, etc if you like.

    1. Bla , blah, blah, Bebe Cool is right, we will suport him regardless, school drop out or not , what he says makes sense and if you prefer to to behave like animals stay in South Sudan we dont need you you need, am glad you President has apologised for the actions of his myopic uncivilized citizens , Bebe cool can sing in Luganda , we will buy his music , hes not gonna sing in Dinka .

    2. Do u think we care about his level of education what we know he is right. we expect leaders to say so but they fear lumpens like you so they cant say any thing.

  8. warning to Those being abusive, ” u have the right to be ignorant or stupid but don’t be both

  9. Bobi you have no moral authority to disrespect bebe’s view you people should respect one another dont be sarcastic. he is just emotional dont you know that many ugandans are raped, killed, tortured and fleeced of their dime in broad day light in SS when even security personnel are in the know. think before you utter a word.

  10. Bebe cool thank you for excersing your right you are the kind of people we like in this country. not only waiting for politicians to react ignor those money minded artists like the one who asks you apologise for what? who is to apologise shame on him continue with that spirit

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