Police Investigates Disappearance Of Human Skulls In Luweero

Police in Luweero have started investigations in fresh reports of unknown people breaking into graves and stealing human skulls.

 mass grave at Kikamulo Sub county offices that was raided in 2012 and over 150 skulls allegedly stolen. (File Photo)
mass grave at Kikamulo Sub county offices that was raided in 2012 and over 150 skulls allegedly stolen. (File Photo)

Over the weekend, two graves were opened and skulls stolen at Nsasi and Nabinaka villages in Luweero and Kamira sub counties.

Six other cases had earlier been reported in Kamira, Butuntumula and Kikyusa sub counties in Luweero where graves were also vandalized and skulls stolen in last six months.

The Luweero Criminal Investigations Department chief, Topher Gimei, says that preliminary investigations reveal that the skulls are stolen by armed men at night and are sold in Kampala for ritual purposes.

Gimei says that because the people who buy them pay a lot of money, the dealers have acquired guns to ensure they engage anybody who may attack them.

He adds that police has arrested Gerald Ssemata and Umar Kabanda, both residents of Kizito Zone who are being interrogated to name the people behind the buying of the skulls.

Gimei says Ssemata and Kabanda were found in possession of a skull believed to be of the late Moses Ssebyala, who was buried recently at Nabinaka village in Kamira sub county. They face charges of destabilising the peace of the dead.

Ssemata admitted that he took part in vandalizing a grave and stealing the skull at Nabinaka village in Kamira sub county over the weekend, but says he was hired by a friend identified as John Wabuyo who was reportedly shot dead in one of the missions.

Kamira sub county chairman Livingstone Kategeya called for the amendment of the Witchcraft Act of 1957 which he says is too weak to streamline their work.

James Mwanje, another resident says there is a fear that the dealers may start to kill people so as to get the skulls.

But the chairperson of Uganda Traditional Healers under “Eeddagala N’obuwangwa Bwaffe”,  Sylivia Namutebi aka Maama Fiina, said that those behind the exhuming of the bodies are conmen and impersonators because there is no genuine witchdoctor that uses human beings or their remains for ritual purposes.

Namutebi insists that the incidents will continue in the country unless Parliament passes a fresh law that streamlines the activities of witchdoctors. She also blasted police for releasing the key suspects.

In 2012 more than 150 skulls were stolen from National Resistance Movement (NRM) mass graves in Kikamulo Sub County in Nakaseke district. Other skulls also went missing from the  mass graves in Wakyato, Kikandwa and Ssemuto sub counties in Nakaseke and till now police is yet to recover them or apprehend the offenders.

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  1. legalising the tradituional healers is the problem.some traditional healers claimed to be treating you with herbs yet was helped by the guides of evil spirit..

  2. They are native healers, not witch doctors. If a native healer gets into practices outside the norm, he becomes a witch doctor, just like with have quack doctors. When should Africans stop demeaning themselves?

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