Nude Socialite Monic, Lover Malcom In PDA Show

Looks like the leaked nude pictures of city cougar socialite and founder of Keith heart Foundation Monic Unique have strengthened her romance with toy boy lover and Hot100 presenter Shivon Malcom.


The seemingly unbothered couple was smoked out together during the Redds Vodka Lemon/ Talent Africa Turn it up party at Lugogo Indoor stadium.

Monic who is rumoured to be around forty five years of age, clad in a white over flowing dress exposing her brown thighs was spotted with her younger lover at the party.

The smitten pair spent the evening in each other’s arms, whispering into each other’s ears and touching. “It was like they had just met considering they couldn’t take hands off each other’s bodies.

They did not care who was watching as they publicly displayed their affection for the other” intimates the source.

Monic’s naked selfies leaked to social media last week and seem to have gone viral.

In one of the sexy pics, Monic clad in pink knickers with ‘Be Mine’ written on it, is seen bending over exposing her shapely bottom while supporting herself on a bed.

In another naked selfie, the horny looking socialite is seen exposing her seemingly erected nipple with suggestive eyes that would make even the holiest of men temped to touch.

In the other picture, Monic exposes her fountain of blessedness while lying back on the bed.

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