Minor Perishes In Kitgum House Fire

A five-year old juvenile was burnt to death in Layamo Sub County, Kitgum district on Monday afternoon.

Residents of Lemo Lela Ngu Village in Pagen Parish say the deceased minor, Bosco Oloya Otto, got caught up in a fire he started on his grandmother’s hut as he attempted to rescue household items from burning and put off the inferno.

Charles Onekgiu, one of the residents said that he called in Police to verify claims by his nephews that a child had been burnt inside the hut.

Charred remains of the minor were retrieved from the burned hut for burial. Justin Otti, the area Local Council 1 Chairperson, says Oloya had been left home in the company of three other minors when he torched the hut over unclear reasons.

He said the minors were under the care of their 51 year old grandmother, Mary Larec.

Otti told Police investigators that neighbours who rushed to the scene of the incident responded to sights of a thick dark smoke emanating from the burning hut and wailings of the other three children. He says residents arrived too late to save the minor from death.

One of the minors said they tried to restrain the deceased from returning inside the burning house after jointly rescuing majority of their household items. He said the roof of the burning hut curved in, just after the boy had entered.

Mary Larec, the grandmother of the deceased child said she instructed the children to stay away from fire as she went to Kitgum Hospital to pick antiretroviral drugs for the deceased minor.

Okello Patrick Lumumba, the officer in charge of Crimes Intelligence and Investigation at Kitgum Central Police station, ruled out malice. He blamed the death on child neglect which he says is common during farming seasons in the district.

A post mortem report conducted by Dr. Geoffrey Akena at Kitgum Hospital indicated that the juvenile died from respiratory failure that resulted from suffocation.

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