Kyabazinga Coronation Date Set despite Contention

Authorities in Busoga Kingdom have set Wednesday, 10-September -2014 as the coronation day for the newly elected Kyabazinga of Busoga William Gabula Nadiope IV.

The acting Kyabazinga of Busoga, Prince Daudi Kaunhye Wakooli (2nR), declares Prince William Gabula IV (2ndL) (Monitor Photo)
The acting Kyabazinga of Busoga, Prince Daudi Kaunhye Wakooli (2nR), declares Prince William Gabula IV (2ndL) (Monitor Photo)

Farouk Mujomba, a member of the Gabula lineage said that the processes would begin on Wednesday with the traditional cleansing of the elected leader by the council of elders of the Busoga Kingdom at the cultural palace located at Mpumwiire Hill in Mpumudde/Kimaka division.

Mujomba says the coronation will proceed as planned despite complaints raised by a section of Basoga from Bulamogi County claiming that the election and all subsequent activities were illegal.

The two include headquarters Columbus Wambuzi from Bulamogi county and Daudhi Kaunhe Wakhooli from Bukhooli.

Daudhi Kaunhe Wakhooli from Bukhooli was among the nine royal chiefs who unanimously selected Prince William Gabula as Kyabazinga on august 23rd but turned around a few minutes later to oppose his decision and has now joined Wambuzi, the heir to the Late Isebantu Henry Wako Muloki to seek a court injunction against the planned coronation.

Nadiope William Gabula IV
Nadiope William Gabula IV

Similarly, Wilson Muwereza, the former Katikkiro of Busoga leads that group which is now claiming that whatever has been done since May 2014 at Busoga kingdom is unconstitutional.

He says his sacking, and the swearing in of the Busoga Lukiiko was against a standing court injunction and therefore the approval of William Gabula Nadiope IV was unlawful.

When our reporters visited the Gabula’s palace at Budhumbula in Kamuli, a group of elders and youth were constructing the cultural huts in which the coronation aftermath ceremony will be conducted.

Chief Juma Munulo, the spokesperson of Busoga chiefs royal council says all the relevant authorities are aware of the ceremony including the police that he said are due to deploy at the palace and all celebrating grounds to maintain peace and security among others.

Munulo says this is the last ceremony to be performed although Gabula begun carrying out his duties after the clan heads and Busoga Lukiiko approved him as the elected Kyabazinga of Busoga.

Farouk Mujomba, an uncle to the elected Kyabazinga explained the procedures which will climax with the coronation on Wednesday 10, September-2014.

Alex Twebaze, the Kiira Regional Police Commander says the people will be protected from any harm as the ceremonies of the Kyabazinga coronation are taking place.

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