Kenzo Takes Over Juliana’s UK Gig

Now on top of his game, Eddy Kenzo is still going places because of his famous videos Sitya Loss and Jambole.

Big Talent boss Eddy Kenzo
Big Talent boss Eddy Kenzo

Our highly places sources in UK have revealed that Kenzo has replaced Juliana as a headlining act of the much anticipated Afrikafest UK series.

“We are thrilled to announce that Eddy Kenzo and his full band from Uganda will headline Grajoh’s Inaugural Afrikafest UK series at the Iqbal Banqueting Suite Birmingham on October 10 and in London at the Royal Regency on Oct 11th,” said Mujungu Johnson, the boss of Grajoh.

Kenzo took over Juliana’s gig since the later lost her only kid Keron a few weeks ago.

“She is still mourning the loss of her only son Keron and she can’t make it. Kenzo is the potential replacement since he is equally good,” revealed Mujungu.

Kenzo has of recent toured USA and many European countries after his Jambole and Sitya Loss videos became viral on YouTube.

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