Kamuswaga Admits Fathering Child Outside Wedlock

Kooki Chiefdom has broken the silence and commented on the allegations of child neglect leveled against the Kamuswaga.

Kamuswaga wearing long gowns with his official wife Omugo and Family. Kamuswaga is underfire for alleged neglect of prince Brighton Sansa
Kamuswaga wearing long gowns with his official wife Omugo and Family. Kamuswaga is underfire for alleged neglect of prince Brighton Sansa

Apollo Sansa Kabumbuli II allegedly fathered a child outside the wedlock and neglected the child. The prince, named Brighton Sansa is now nineteen months old. Kamuswaga is married to Rebecca Tulituuka as the official Omugo or queen.

Last week, Brenda Nassali, a resident of Mutukula zone in Kyotera Town council openly accused the Kamuswaga of neglecting her after giving birth to Prince Brighton Sansa. Prince Brighton was born on December 18th 2012.

Nassali claims that ever since she gave birth, the Kamuswaga refused to give any help.

She also accused the Chief of refusing to pay her tuition fees despite the fact he had promised to take her back to school after she conceived.

She explains that the Kamuswaga forced her to suspend studies at Nserester Complex in Kyotera with promises he would support her and take her to a decent school.

According to Nassali, the Kamuswaga first denied responsibility of the baby until they went for DNA tests that confirmed he was the real father.

She however says even after results co firming him as the father, Kamuswaga Kabumbuli did not meet his paternal responsibilities. She now says Prince Brighton is living a miserable life at her parents’ home in Kyotera.

Nassali says her son at times goes without milk despite his tender age.

Now, the Kamuswaga has issued a statement admitting he is indeed the father of prince Brighton. In his statement, issued by Fred Mukasa Mbidde, the Chiefdom Attorney General, the Kamuswaga says they are in the process of taking the prince to the palace.

Mbidde says Koki elders are gearing up to perform rituals on Prince Brighton Sansa as part of the initiation process into the royal family.

Stanley Ndawula, the Kooki Information Minister, says they cannot support Prince Brighton Sansa at her maternal home because it is not allowed traditionally. He explains that he can only be parented by royal elders.

The arrival of Prince Brighton Sansa makes three the number of children Kamuswaga has. His official wife has two princes.

4 thoughts on “Kamuswaga Admits Fathering Child Outside Wedlock

  1. I thought kings were not limited to one wife! Why does a whole king deny his own kid!!

  2. Shame on you Kamuswaga. What kind of leader are you and what kind of message are you sending to your subjects? Having a child out of your wedlock is not the issue here coz you are African where polygamy is the order of the day but parental neglect is something that brings despise to you and your leadership. You are not a good leader and a disgrace to all men and your people therfore, all i can say is shame on you.

  3. Hahahahaaaa! Kooki is a Chiefdom therefore the title of its head is “Chief”. Now how does the Chief’s wife get the title of Queen? And how do the Chief’s off-spring get the title “Prince”? The position of chief is an appointed one, not one inherited through blood lineage. Please someone, educate this wanna-be king, wearing long gowns, of far-flung, rural Kooki. Hee Hee!

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