Hoima RDC Under Fire Over Land Evictions

A rift has emerged between Hoima Deputy Resident District Commissioner, Ambrose Mwesigye and the members of Hoima district council over land evictions in Bugambe Sub County.


Court bailiffs and police on Monday evicted more than 200 people in Rwamutonga village following a high court order sought by Hoima based businessman, Joshua Tibagwa. Tibagwa and the residents are feuding over a 500-acre piece of land.

But on Wednesday afternoon during a district council meeting, members held it against the Deputy RDC, accusing him of overseeing the eviction which has subjected their electorate to untold misery.

In a heated council meeting, Darlison Kusiima, the councillor representing Bugambe sub county, claimed that during the exercise residents’ property was looted and domestic animals slaughtered.

In a rather emotional move Vincent Alpha Opio, the councillor for Kabwoya, proposed that Mwesigye be transferred from Hoima.

Quoting the Local Government Act, Opio said any person appointed into such a public office should be of proven integrity. He said Mwesigye lacks such a quality and is therefore unfit to serve the people of Hoima.

Although council members had unanimously backed Opio’s proposal rejecting the Deputy RDC, Chief Administrative Officer George Ntulume guided council against the move.

He stressed the need for councillors to always be cautious of the resolutions they make or else they could land the local government into legal battles.

Ntulume instead asked that Mwesigye be given time to make a formal report to council regarding the evictions.

Ntulume’s suggestion was upheld by council speaker Nathan Kitwe Isingoma, who scheduled the next council meeting in two weeks’ time, during which Mwesigye would provide a report on the matter.

Tempers meanwhile flared when councillors almost fought Francis Kazini, the district youth councillor when he stood up to defend the Deputy RDC.

But despite the heckling from the charged council members, Deputy RDC Mwesigye maintained that what he did was in line with the law and the role he played in the evictions was to ensure that the exercise was done peacefully.

He denies having any personal interest in the matter, as claimed by members of council.

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