City Babe Puts Her Private Parts On Display

Party animals at the Jinja road based club Amnesia were treated to a free pornographic movie premiere after a city babe identified as Olivia paraded her private parts.

Olivia exposing her things
Olivia exposing her things

Olivia who stays in Luzira a Kampala suburb had come to a club to have fun but after gunning down several bottles of beer, she dashed out of the club and started displaying what her mama gave her.

horny dudes helped her to spread her legs wide
horny dudes helped her to spread her legs wide

She widely spread her legs for everyone to see.

Horny boys who were nearby quickly grabbed her and started making fun of her.

Taking another angle
Taking another angle

They even touched her private parts and these scenes attracted a number of people.


10 thoughts on “City Babe Puts Her Private Parts On Display

  1. Unfortunately her face seems to “steal the show” as opposed to her Kandahar. The glaring ugliness in her face will not even let u see anything else. Maybe had she put a paper bag over her head, then probably her eclipse w’d have made headlines

    1. If you *must* get busy with those types, cover their head with a pillow and do the darn thing. That’s free advice Willie

  2. Olivia,why ashame yourself like this? Im wondering if you have a mother or Senga,shame upon you gal.

  3. That’s the very reason why i love Ugandans,they show cultures are moving on,go on young woman!

  4. Even her pussy does not look appetizing, leave alone her looks, but wait a minute, may be she was able to get “some” from those boys hoovering all around her especially the one pushing his finger inside! If she removes her hand in first Pic, the thing was smiling at the camera too!

  5. So where is LOKODO now? and why is he being paid such a huge amount of salary to promote such a situation like that? Ugandans pray for your selves and the more you like and support those things the more you support , the more you dislike them the more they will be abolished . so never blame the Nigerian guys its we Ugandans

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