4 Police Officers Netted For Robbery

Five people including four police officers and a well-known businessman have been arrested for aggravated robbery in Kumi.

The robbery occurred on Tuesday night in Kumi district. The police officers are believed to have staged an illegal roadblock at about midnight and robbed several South Sudanese businessmen of 500, 000 shillings and a bull worth 1.8 million shillings.

The suspects are IP Jacob Emau, OC in charge Operations, Sergeant Margaret Asio number 41004, Corpol James Emadu (18377) and Constable Akol James, a police driver number 60535. They are all attached to Kumi Police Central Station.

The other suspect is Abdu Musa Apodoi, a prominent businessman from Kumi.

The suspects are being held at Soroti Central Police Station pending further investigations.

Philip Acaye, the Regional Police Commander East Kyoga Region, confirmed of the arrests but insisted only three police officers had been arrested.

Although Acaye declined to reveal the names of the suspects in custody, he confirmed the Tuesday robbery.

He also revealed that the items were recovered from the suspects after arrest. They are in custody in Soroti Central Police Station.

Acaye says police jumped into action after receiving complaints from the aggrieved businessmen whose identities he declined to reveal.

He said it was shameful for police to commit any crime and think they would be protected by their office.

A source who declined to be named, however, revealed that this is the third time police officers have been implicated in robbery in Kumi. The source further revealed that this is the first time any officers have been detained for participating in a crime though.

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  1. Imagine, the Police is now robbing people they are supposed to Protect, kitalo mabeere!! So who now protects who, civilians protect the police, and we have always said it is the Police who rob and kill, Afande Kayihura dsenies!

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