VOLLEYBALL| Road Map To 2014 League Finals

GuluThis year the Sports Organising Commission (SOC) declared no usual play-offs for Serie C and Serie B Leagues a fete that shall see the two top teams for Serie B get promoted directly to Serie A while the winners of Serie C, plus the Eastern and Western Leagues shall also get promoted directly to Serie B next year a communication for the UVF media commission says.

According to the Juma Osunge, in Serie A and Women leagues, it shall be business as usual with the top finisher facing the fourth placed team and the second placed team facing off with the third finisher. In Serie B, the two top finishers shall automatically qualify for Serie A next season while the third and fourth placed teams shall play-off against the ninth and tenth finishers in the Serie A to determine the two teams that shall join Serie A next season. The Commission plans on having 12 teams in Serie A next season.

In the Serie C League, the top finisher shall automatically qualify to Serie B while number two and three shall have a play-off to determine the other team to be promoted to Serie B. in addition, all winners of Serie C Western and Eastern Leagues shall automatically join Serie B next season in another bid to have 12 teams in Serie B.

Nemo Stars and Ndejje University are two time defending champions of the. The play-offs are anticipated to begin on 10th October, 2014 at both MUBS and the MTN Arena.

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