Two Ugandans Hanged In China Over Drug Trafficking


46 Ugandan inmates on death-row or life imprisonment are languishing in Chinese Prisons.
46 Ugandan inmates on death-row or life imprisonment are languishing in Chinese Prisons.

Two Ugandan drug traffickers have been executed in China’s Guandong province. The two are Omar Ddamulira and Ham Andrew Ngobi.

Ugandan foreign ministry spokesman Fred Opolot said the Ugandan government had attempted to engage the Chinese authorities, to try and stay their execution without luck.

According to Opolot the two men who had been in prison were allowed to speak to their families before they were executed.

He added that Ddamulira was executed on May 21 while Ngobi was hanged on June 24 in Guandong province, Guangzhou a city populated by majority of Ugandan businessmen.

Drug trafficking is a crime in the East Asian nation that carries the death sentence.

Last October, a report by a delegation of Ugandan MPs to China revealed that 46 Ugandan inmates on death row or life imprisonment are languishing in Chinese Prisons.


11 thoughts on “Two Ugandans Hanged In China Over Drug Trafficking

  1. but there are so many chines in Uganda who carrying out illicit, petty and illegal business. its high time Ugandans rose up against these unjust chines who even go as far as selling fake material to Ugandans.

  2. Uganda needs to apply the death sentence to Chinese caught defiling children in Uganda. I have read that one was granted bail and he escaped!

  3. Hang the Chinese rapists yu arrested in Uganda recently to to pay for the blood of Ddamulira and Ngobi, if china can not pardon those and any remaining Ugandans in Chinese jails.
    May God rest them in peace.

  4. My concern is, why is our country a free zone to foreigners? Yet when we are out in other countries, we are always miss treated. Dispite the fact that Uganda’s relationship with China being good in business, almost all the construction contracts in Uganda are given to the China, why is it difficult for our government to stand firm and negotiate with the Chineese government to deport all the imprisoned Ugandans to come and serve from home state? I urge the president to work on this as as it very important for our dear Ugandans.

  5. Our goverment should talk to the goverment of chaina to see how they can save them if they are not found gulty but they are uganda should not torelate with wrong doers.

  6. It’s the Nigerians who convince them to take those drugs to China. Poverty is really the main cause of all this!

  7. Recently a group of Pakistan nationals working at YUASA a car deport sodomised, raped and mistreated a Ugandan lady, as we speak, no word has been heard about them.
    Imagine Ugandans had raped a Pakistan national-lady, would they still be alive today?
    I say lets stop praising “white skinned” people in the name of investors while our ladies, men,sons and daughters are terminated.
    If it were we who executed the chinese nationals, am sure right now the Chinese government would have terminated AID, but remember, the Chinese need us too, if we don’t give them contracts for roads, how will their economy grow.
    Am disappointed in our Ugandan Government.
    Charles David Kyazze

  8. What does their law say(China)? Yes if indeed they committed crime against Chinese constitutional law, then let the law talk. They deserve it.

  9. Too sad, for them victims having no even defence for their rights of human existence. Though, I wonder why Uganda did not apply for prisoner repatriation in order to save their lives. On the other hand, capital punishment only serves to cheapen human lives, but once human lives are treated this way many other lives gets hurt too. Ironically, if Chines committed similar crime would be handled with kids graves because false political policy of so called ‘investors’. Having said that, let it be a lesson to any other person planning to engage in drug trade, to be aware of the danger a head.

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