Taking It From Behind: Uganda’s Rear Queens Busted

In today’s society, a bigger bottom is celebrated – thanks to the rise in a rounder derriere amongst the A-list.

From Argatha Atiti’s juicy booty to Desire Luzinda’s rounder rump – they’re all pin-up worthy, and you don’t need to be a ladies’ man to jump on the band wagon.

But the celebrities with the greatest bottom in terms of their esteemed hip to waist ratio include Argatha Loswash, Desire Luzinda, Stecie Mayanja, Yvonne Nasinguza and many more

Based on the relative size and appearance of their plush derriere’s to their slinky waists, we compile the first part of the most impressive rear-ends in the Ugandan entertainment Industry.

Argatha Atiti Loswash

Pundonor magazine presenter on NBS TV is among the top rear queens in Uganda. She has an impressive bigger Inch difference between her waist and her hips.


In 2013 we ‘insulted’ her and the TV star squashed rumors that she was the owner of butt implants, insisting her famous rear was ‘100 per cent real’.

Argatha is well known for being a party animal and she has dated several city dudes like Spear Abowe, Gift Giftorious and her current Boyfriend Sam Akatuhumuza. They are all attracted by her ‘dangerous’ rear view

Desire Luzinda

Technically an even tie with Argatha Atiti, Bootylicious singer Desire is so proud of her bottom and she usually speaks about it.


Knowing that she is Bootylicious, several city dudes have been running after her to discover what is in her rear. They include Kampala Ex mayor Hajji Nasser Ssebagala, Capt Juma Seiko, Club Rouge boss Ken Ntaro, John Kaddu and many more.

Recently she used her booty power to collect over 10 million shillings that will go to Ibanda Babies home.

Catherine Kusasira

Though her booty has an irregular shape, it has attracted sever dudes especially the ones in Golden Production, a music band that broke away from Eagles Production


Whenever she gets on stage, instead of singing, she praises God for giving her the worst shaped booty.

Several artistes and Waragi sellers are in a desperate mood to touch Catherine’s behind and they include, Fred Sseruga, Measerch Ssemakula and many more.

Stecia Mayanja

We are yet to establish if having a huge booty is one of the qualifications needed to join Golden Production


This lady has been competing with Catherine Kusasira ever since she joined the band.

She is always bragging on how she is well endowed downstairs whenever she gets an opportunity to speak in public.

Yvonne Nasinguza

Yvonne Nasinguza who is well known as Sista Vich rose to fame when she started managing the Mazongoto singer Hillary Kiyaga whose stage name is Dr. Hilderman.


This single mother is proud of her behind and she is always seen moving up and down aimlessly while shaking what her mum gave her.

Next Week we will burst part two of Uganda’s rear queens.

If you know anyone who can be a rear queen, send her picture and details on [email protected] or call +256793570235

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  1. A well toned rear bum is pleasing to the eyes..but some of these above pictures..pardon my language shows unhealthy looking bums full of fat and cellulite looking.Why don’t they go to the gyms and tone up like the American music stars before unveiling in public arena..if not then stat covered and respectable

  2. You can imagine how ugly and disgusting they look if you see them totally naked! Just filth.

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