State House Seeks to Double Classified Expenditure

State house is also planning to increase its allocation to donations by Ugx 10 billion
State house is also planning to increase its allocation to donations by Ugx 10 billion

State House is seeking to double its classified budget in the financial year 2014-2015, figures submitted to parliament indicate.  From the current Shs18billion, state house is now asking for an allocation of Shs36.7billion to facilitate its classified expenditures during the year.

Such funding is usually allocated for secret operations of the country or expenditures that government may not want to disclose publicly. It generally covers expenses related to military and covert operations and is classified due to security reasons.

The request for a double increment is contained in the ministerial policy statement for the presidency, under which state house operates as vote 002.  The statement explains that the increment a logistical requirement to facilitate the procurement of classified equipment and the effective performance of the Presidency.

State house is also planning to increase its allocation to donations by Shs10 billion. The current donations budget stands at Ugx 80.8billion. According to the statement, a reallocation of funds was made from donations during the FY 2013/2014 to address pressing unfunded requirements and a ceiling uplifted to carter for deposit on the Presidential Jet.

Similarly, the budget allocation to transport equipment under the docket increases from Shs688million in FY 2013-2014 to Shs11.3billion in 2014/2015. Allocation towards Special Meals and Drinks is also set to increase from Shs2billion to Shs3.8billion.

However, some Budget items have remained unchanged while others will reduce during the financial year.  They include Travel inland whose allocation is reducing from Shs36.1billion to Shs35.5billion. The allocation to travel abroad remains the same at Shs5.5billion.

The Figures are however subject to parliamentary approval.

4 thoughts on “State House Seeks to Double Classified Expenditure

  1. Ziri, you have made me laugh. There is no cheap or expensive president. You only get a president who is either a thief, a fool, unpatriotic, wise, kind or patriotic. Where does yours fall?

    1. One reasoning is judged from what one posts, when the president donates money it goes to people not his pockets and clasified expenditure is for security purposes its better to understand than talk.

  2. “Greatthinker94”, I respect your concern, brilliant as it is. However, are you informing the world that the president of Uganda rents support from the populace? Are you also suggesting that you do not have the ministry of Defence or Internal/Home Affairs? I believe you have the Minister for Presidency!!!. Don’t you? If you are a Ugandan, you must understand the channels of accountability, otherwise your problems will not end.
    A report has been published by the UN indicating that more Sub-Saharan Africans are impoverished than they were in the 1990s. The main reason is poor leadership, and the population is partly to blame. They do not demand for accountability from their leaders who keep begging from the west (America and Europe) and the east (China).
    Over to you greatthinker94.

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