Rwanda Fire Forces Bonking Couple Out Of Lodge

Business came to a standstill in Nyabugogo, a Kigali business hub yesterday at around 11:15am when fire broke out at a complex that houses more than 10 businesses including a lodge and several wholesale outlets.

The couple getting out of the lodge
The couple getting out of the lodge

Kigali City dwellers were treated to a free movie premiere when the fire forced a bonking couple out of the lodge.

According to Eye witnesses, the couple looked tired since they were having a long morning sexual session.

“They looked like a fish out water and they were just covering their private parts,” confirmed the eye witness.

Muhammed Shaffeque, the manager of Afrifoam and Simaco group, one of the burnt businesses, said property worth Rwf10 million was lost in the fire.

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  1. They should be happy that they survive the fire and came out in one piece.Nothing to be embarrassed about the naked body even though some bodies look better than others naked

  2. How come the little boy in the picture seems unmoved by the fire ? He seems amazed to see an almost naked couple running a marathon hand in hand

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