Police Witness Pins Jackie Nsenga On Husband’s Murder

Jackie Nsenga (L) her late husband Juvenal Nsenga (R). She has been charged with his murder.
Jackie Nsenga (L) her late husband Juvenal Nsenga (R). She has been charged with his murder.

More witnesses have pinned Kampala businesswoman Jacqueline Uwera Nsenga for the murder of her husband Juvenal Nsenga as the trial goes through its third day.

Uwera is accused of killing her husband by running over him with a car at their family home in Bugolobi, Kampala in January 2013. She denied the charges.

Prosecution alleges that on January 10, 2013, Uwera returned home at around 9pm driving vehicle Reg. No. UAL 933M. However, when her late husband opened the gate, she instead accelerated her vehicle, rammed through the gate and knocked him. The car then dragged him for a considerable distance along the concrete pavement.

In emphasizing the charge, Sergeant John Bosco Munaku, the scenes of crime officer told court today that the recorded speed of 45 Kilometers per hour at which Uwera’s vehicle was moving is unusual for someone who is entering a residential compound.

Munaku added that the crime scene had tire markings indicating that the vehicle had instantly accelerated and gone off. He also noted that the impact caused the victim to be dragged along under the car.

Similarly, Detective Christine Nabalany, the 9th witness told court that the nature of injuries on Nsenga’s body did make it necessary for further investigation into the cause of the death. Nabalany says the body had a missing left ear, twisted limbs, and other fractures. Nabalan also read a statement recorded from Jackie saying that at the time of the accident, the vehicle had no mechanical condition, which could have triggered the car losing control.

Yesterday, the father of the late Nsenga, Donati Kananura, told court presided over by Justice Duncan Gaswaga that the deceased told him before he died that Uwera intentionally ran over him. Kananura narrated that the couple, who got married in 1994, were not on talking terms by the time of Nsenga’s death, and lived in separate bedrooms.

Up to 20 witnesses are lined up to pin Uwera in the case.

An Attempt by Defense lawyer Nsubuga Mubiru to apply for bail was denied on grounds that it was not formally tabled.  Presiding Judge Duncan Gaswaga adjourned the session to July 18th 2014.

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  1. I just wish i can stop judging this woman, but when you read through the many stories that have been run about this tragedy, you want to get convinced that this whole acceleration thing was very intentional for sure. If she surely did cruel act, God will work through the court. I hope she is innocent as she says! Only problem is even the blind can feel it. Uwera, you must have intentionally killed your husband, and if you did, may you live with his blood on your soul, but if it was accidental, may you find true justice.

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