PHOTOS: Judith Heard Parades Her Twins

Last weekend, it was a family day out for Judith Heard as she paraded her kids while attending the sixth edition of Blankets and Wine that was held at Uganda Museum.

Judith Heard with her kids
Judith Heard with her kids

She arrived at the museum with her three kids Brandon, Branda and Brianna at around 5pm and she looked stunning as she posed for our snoops to take pictures.


She has been off the social scene ever since her nude pictures leaked to the public but it seems she has now gotten over it.  She looked calm throughout the event.


Who is a professional model is married to Dr Heard and they have been together of 11 years.

Judith was born in Kigali where she also studied Computer Science, before coming to Uganda six years ago, to work as a model. It is in Uganda that she met Dr. Heard


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