Oulanyah: DP President Mao Is Not Dead

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah
Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanya has rubbished claims that the Democratic Party (DP) president Nobert Mao is dead.

Nobert Mao left Gulu on Saturday morning and was flown straight to Nairobi Hospital for treatment.

The Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah on Thursday afternoon told the house that he has been receiving phone calls with claims that Mao is dead.

Mao is undergoing treatment for Pneumonia. There have been reports that he is dead while other reports stated that he was in a coma.

The Deputy Speaker refutes all these allegations saying as of this morning Mao underwent a scan and he looks much better than he left and responding well to treatment.

DP President Norbert Mao.
DP President Norbert Mao.

Earlier his brother Dan Kidega and DP Secretary General Mathias Nsubuga at a press conference in Parliament also emphasized that Mao is in a stable condition and responding positively to treatment.

4 thoughts on “Oulanyah: DP President Mao Is Not Dead

  1. They first said it was malaria!! Now it is Pneumonia, um um!!!. Something is not adding up.Stop with the speculation and let Mao have his privacy. I beseech all people of good will to pray for his quick recovery regardless of what is ailing him.

  2. Forget about the rumours but it is not right that there is no treatment for pneumonia. What a shame! We have raised opinions regarding failure of healthcare in Uganda on death ears. It does not portray us incapable but as non existence in healthcare service and delivery. Let us built hospitals rather than shopping malls. Uganda is in urgent need of new hospitals and we are overdue. By now we should have health services in 15-30 miles for local people access

    1. Let government build hospitals while the private sector builds shopping malls; we need both. The hospitals will address the health care problem while the shopping malls will help tackle some of the unemployment. Don’t you think so?

      1. I agree we need shopping malls but you cannot go to the malls when you are dead!

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