ON THE RUN: Five Top City Pimps Wanted Over Fraud

Police is hunting five people in connection with abuse of office and illegal recruitment of youths into activities prohibited by the government of Uganda.


Faizo Mugaru, Joseph Ssemwanga, Jammar Babirye, Namaju, Olivia Mushemeza and Ayaa Grace are on the run after the youths they were recruiting into illegal of operations which are unnatural reported them to the authorities after they had failed their promise of delivering to the Promised Land.

The youth have opened file GEF 59,2O14 at police with the intention of being helped after the named people promised them jobs in Europe.

But some of the qualification was to sleep with them before they could be taken to Europe

After using them, the money that the youths were promised was nowhere to be seen

Yigga Michael who was sending the Money from abroad got the complaint from the youths  and he immediately rushed back into the country in order for the his employees to be put into the right books of the law.

“I have helped a lot people to go out and start working, but this issue of sleeping with someone for the Job or survival can’t be tolerated, this a young generation which needs to be supported up right to develop themselves not to be taken as sex slaves worse off these guys were using them in a wrong practice.”

Yigga added that when the five got the information that he had landed in the country while fuming, they took off with his money amounting to 100million which he had sent for operations at his Ugandan offices alongside Burton streets.

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  1. Seeking to better ourselves is putting people at high risk. Desperate and vulnerable people dare not return home without success. It is a matter of question how this happen under the noses of our government? Is there any sign that this trend of unemployed turned into sex slave will come to an end. Also we must take responsibility of what we put ourselves into. Statutory organisation should lobby the government to create employment for our young people. Remember the MPS boys they highlighted big problem of being unemployed and should never be arrested.

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