Heavily Armed Men Raid Masaka District

Joseph Lubega, the Bukakata LC 3 chairperson shows one of the sticks used by the gunmen to beat up fishermen
Joseph Lubega, the Bukakata LC 3 chairperson shows one of the sticks used by the gunmen to beat up fishermen

Tension is mounting in Bukakata Sub County in Masaka district following a raid by heavily armed men on fishermen at Makonzi landing site.

The gunmen stormed Makonzi landing site on Sunday night at around 9pm and robbed the fishermen of their catch and cash. Eye witnesses claim that about six gunmen dressed in army uniform stormed the landing site driving a Toyota Premio vehicle escorted by a canter truck and immediately opened fire.

Matia Lugumwa, the Makonzi LC 1 chairperson claims that after shooting indiscriminately the gunmen ordered the fishermen to surrender all the money and fish in their possession. He says the gunmen ordered the fishermen to load the loot on the canter truck and drove off. At least 300 fishermen attached to Makonzi landing site lost their fish in the attack. Robert Musajjawazza, a fisherman at Makonzi landing site is a victim of the attack by the gunmen.

Musajjawazza says he lost six sucks of tilapia to the gunmen worth 6 million shillings and 1 million shillings in hard cash from his previous sales. Moses Sande another fisherman claims that the gunmen took his fish worth 8 million shillings while accusing him of dealing in immature fish, a charge he denies. Sande says the attack has sparked off fear forcing some fishermen to flee.

Joseph Lubega, the Bukakata LC 3 Chairperson has called for an inquiry into the attack saying it has created terror at Makonzi landing site.

Josephine Nakalyango also a fishmonger at Makonzi says she lost her fish worth about 300,000shillings. Nakalyango is worried that her two children may fail to seat their end of term exams because teachers had warned of sending them away from school unless she clears their tuition.

A UPDF soldier guards at Makonzi landig site after the attack
A UPDF soldier guards at Makonzi landig site after the attack

She claims that on top of stealing her fish, the gunmen beat her up and together with her six year old daughter. Noah Sserunjogi, the greater Masaka region Police Spokesperson told local media on Monday evening that they will a statement after conducting preliminary investigations on the raid. He said they were still studying the attack and cannot disclose anything before the report is out. Masaka has not had this kind of attack in past few months.

It comes two weeks after unknown thugs carried out attacks in Kasese, Bundibugyo and Ntoroko, which left at least 90 people dead.


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  1. In light of these attacks by “thugs”, we cannot afford to let Museveni go come 2016. We must vote him back, we need his “protection” !!!!!

  2. @disqus_jQbt2n4WJ3:disqus
    U ar not sure that M7 is the one cunningly instigating the security upheavals in the country to justify his relevance to the likes & a big number of u people who have been asleep for nearly 30 years now…and have stubbornly refused to wake …God Bless Uganda !!!!

  3. But those sticks look like those used to beat up Basigye’s supporters during walk to work

  4. Time has come to rethink this project UGANDA, as a country its no longer viable while impunity and corruption have risen to the level of no return. Am sure the time bomb is about to explode whereby tribes will go against each other, can we avert another Rwanda please.

  5. This country has all the symptoms of a failed state… The problem is that we don’t have a government…..

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