Gunfire In Bundibugyo As Gunmen Raid District

Reports from Bundindibugyo district in western Uganda claim unknown gunmen have invaded the district and a hail of bullets is being reported by residents of the district.



“Gunshots in Bundibugyo town now people have closed themselves in houses and 3 people have been confirmed dead” a one Kanyonyi Luke posted on his Facebook.

There has been tension between the Bakonzo and Bamba following the coronation of the latter’s cultural leader, a move opposed by the Bakonzi and their Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu Kingdom.

There are also reports that two policemen have been killed in Kasese town, also in western Uganda following a clash between Basongora and Bakonzo.

According to eye witnesses, unknown gentlemen attacked and grabbed a gun from police men deployed in muhokya. The attackers allegedly first greeted the police men before a scuffle broke out between the cops and the assailants.

It is at this point that the attackers took hold of his gun, shooting him to death. Another police man was shot in the legs and is now nursing wounds at Kilembe Hospital.

The Uganda Peoples Defense Force (UPDF) has been deployed in the nearby Queen Elizabeth National park to hunt for the gunmen.


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