Govt Clarifies On State House Employees’ Salary

The list that leaked on Tuesday.
The list that leaked on Tuesday.

On Tuesday 8 July, a document purportedly showing the salary structure of State House employees’ salary made rounds on social that culminated into the   with Ugandans expressing pouring out their hearts on the humongous figures on the list.

This was after Hon Cecilia Ogwal raised a concern in Parliament that some staff in the Office of the President earn Shs96m a month as salary. She was quoting figures from the ministerial budget policy statement of the Presidency.

Now, the Uganda government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo says Members of Parliament received the accurate figures on their ipads but some decided to ignore the accurate version.

The list that leaked on Tuesday showed that the most paid employee earns a whooping Shs96m hence the hash tag  . However, Ofwono Opondo clarified this saying there was an error in uploading the original list adding that “The inaccuracy was not intended to mislead parliament”

Earlier, Linda Nabusayi Presidential Deputy Press Secretary in the Office of the president said the list that made rounds on social media on Tuesday “Was just an alarm by those with own motives”

Statement by the Secretary office of the president
Statement by the Secretary office of the president

Deborah Katuramu, the Secretary in the Office of the President also issued a statement further clarifying the matter.

Meanwhile, Minister in charge of the Presidency Frank Tumwebaze has also weighed in on the issue saying “There was a typo error in the document and it had already been detected by our technical staff”

He added that “Staff of office of the President and state house are just like any other staff of the public service with known salary scales of the public service”

The correct figures.
The correct figures.
The correct figures.
The correct figures.






13 thoughts on “Govt Clarifies On State House Employees’ Salary

  1. That was a deliberate act by the opposition to reason, they just wanted to tarnish the President name, if they cant handle the ipads let them return them. Even a primary chap would tell that those figures are un realistic.

    1. Hehehe I thought you are a great thinker but waa. These people are admitting that they made a mistake and now you are blaming the opposition instead of them. Are you part of the animal farm crew that is drinking all the milk

      1. Ziri yes i accept the state house staff made a mistake but it was a matter of reasoning correctly any one would see its unrealistic.

    1. Seriously i also donot know of any uploading or downloading that would change the content of adocument. They should just accept that whoever drafted the initial doc made amistake period.

  2. Good for a start to show accountability I’ll take it for a start. May it continue. My question why don’t civil servant pay taxes off their wages?

  3. When`thieves`are`eating`from`their`Masters`table`the`distant`observer`have

  4. Museveni´s state house is several times bigger than obama´s state house and museveni´s outrageous state house budget explains all.

  5. The person who typed the Salary schedules is not a fool. He or she knows well what happens and what people get

    1. Ssevume please stop embarrasing your self on social media, every one has realised its was an era but you are still doubting, That kind of reasoning wont take you far.

      1. Glaring differences in the two lists. The art of con artists and swindlers!!! No wonder Tamale could mbu buy a 300 million vehicle build the buzigos and also then all these intellectuals leaving their professional jobs only to “sitama” at Sevo’s bench for real wages. With theses salaries i now support sevo more at least he is giving our kids a living wage not cramps like parliament. i recommend an increase to the approvers (MPs’) to match the State House boys and girls. Now lets go fishing. Sorry i am no real thinker just an enlightened peasant.

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