Germany – Argentina, a final worth €1 Billion

Argentina-vs-Germany-Final-This evening will go down to field two 2014 World Cup finalists, two teams that probably more than anyone else deserved to come up here. Of course Germany is the main runner, because on all other participants persuaded, showing not only the game, professionalism, preparation, but was known to suffer, as in the case of meetings with Ghana and Algeria. But more than that, the team Joachim Low has always been improving, so this could be the final culmination of a fantastic job of not only making the national team coach, but the long term plan of all German football has increased from approximately one decade.

Currently, Germans are not in vain even the most expensive team of the tournament, with a value of € 542.5 million. This representative can not boast a single star, as in the case of Argentina’s rivals have in their composition Lionel Messi, the most expensive footballer in circulation, with a value of € 120 million, but can be proud of a group , with a block Bavarian who covets all over the world. The most expensive player is undoubtedly striker Thomas Mueller, a complete professional, a player who knows how to cover the total roles between midfield and attack. But him coming back even other stars, as goalkeeper Neuer for example, also worth close to € 50 million (€49 exactly), but also others like Ozil, Kroos, Gotze evaluated in these approximate figures (from € 45-50 million).

Argentina, two-time world champion, could only excited about the fact that they have the most expensive offensive unit in circulation, with Messi (€ 120 million), Di Maria (€ 30 million), Aguero (€ 45 million) , Palacio (€ 12 million), Higuain (€ 38 million) and Lavezzi (€ 21 million) amounting to € 266 million. Only these players carry the weight of two-thirds of the value of the group, which in total estimated € 392 million, thus providing a final figure that approaches a startling€ 1 billion (€ 934.5 million exactly, according transfermarkt). The only final that will cost more than this “Marakana” – would have been that between Germany and the “Selecao”‘s (€ 469.5 million), semi that terrorized the Brazilian fans.

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