Buganda Kingdom Tables Ugx 7.4billion Budget

Buganda Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga.
Buganda Kingdom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga.

Buganda Kingdom has tabled a Ugx 7.4billion Budget to facilitate the kingdom’s operations during the Financial Year 2014/2015. The estimates reflect a decrease of UShs5.5 billion from the ending financial year whose budget stood at Shs12.9Billion.

The Kingdom’s Finance Minister Eva Nagawa Mukasa noted that this financial year budget income is to be raised from seven key aspects which include Buganda Land Board, Schools, Kingdom Ministries and   Companies, Tenants, Grants and payments from central government.

According to estimates presented to the Buganda Lukiiko at Bulange-Mengo, Buganda Land Board will generate Shs1.4billion, Shs229million Schools is expected from schools while another 278milllion is expected from Kingdom Ministries. Tenants will contribute Shs538million to the treasury, 350million is expected from grants while Shs588million will be collected from the Kingdom’s companies.

Also in the budget is an estimated Ugx 4billion from Central Government.

Nagawa explains that Buganda Land Board is likely to collect money from the installations that were recently returned to Buganda from central government.

The Kingdom will during the year concentrate on Development aspects citing completion of Kasubi Tombs, Masengere Building, Construction of a Museum, cleaning Kabaka’s Lake and to streamlining Kingdom operations.

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  1. Long live our king. We shall pay and I’m glad we are getting away from being parasite to the government. The young man Mayiga is doing a great job. It is high time Baganda show credible expenditure after all they have lot of assets.

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