5 Quack Medical Health Workers Arrested In Ssembabule

Five quack medical workers have been arrested in Ssembabule district in an operation conducted by Ssembabule district health officials and police.

Fred Bamulanze signs a document promising not to practice for three months
Fred Bamulanze signs a document promising not to practice for three months

The group was arrested in an operation conducted to crack down on quacks, those unlicensed and those operating in dirty places by Allied Health Professional Council officials.

The suspects have been identified as Scovia Kansiime the operator of St Francis Clinic and Drug Shop, Justine Nabadda owner of Victorious Drug shop, Diaby Kyalisima, Mable Mpumwirire and Gustavus  Lugajju  all workers at Twinomujuni Family Medical Clinic and Laboratory services in Ssembabule trading center.

Lugajju is medical laboratory technologist who was recently sacked from Kalisizo hospital in Rakai district where he served for over 15 years because of inability to control his drinking.

Lugajju’s laboratory was found dirty, unlicensed and operating below medical standards. Used syringes were found discarded all over the laboratory which lacked running water and a microscope.

Inspectors found that some clinics used soap to clean their medical tools.
Inspectors found that some clinics used soap to clean their medical tools.

Many unqualified personnel closed their clinics and went on the run when they learned of the inspections.

Health officials were shocked to find a health unit at Kabundi Village in Matete Sub County where a masquerader who was identified as David Matovu used syringes more than two times. He would use liquid soap to sterilize the tools used in extracting teeth.

Matovu, who is on run, abandoned his patients, some of whom were found on drip.  Several used needles and syringes where recovered from Matov’s health unit. Matovu is fond of using the same needle until a patient finishes a dosage.

Matovu also used his two roomed house as an admission centre.

According to the Southern Region Allied Health Professional Council Supervisor, Michael Kayizi, the operation followed a survey made by Ssembabule district health authorities that discovered that over 80% of health workers in the district lacked qualifications.

Ssembabule district health officer Dr. James Elima says that the high number of quacks operating in the district puts the lives of residents at risk.

Although there had been many complaints against Fred Bamulanze’s Suubi Clinic, it was found to be operational.  A clinician, Fred Bamulanze had taken to carrying out dental operations. He also stands accused of performing illegal abortions.  Bamulanze was suspended from practice for three months on the spot and his clinic closed.

Dr. Shanon Kakungulu, the operator of Kakungulu Med clinic in Matete town council, welcomes the operation.

Kakungulu says these medical quacks not only endanger lives, but ruin drugs by misusing them and leading to patients developing resistance.

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