Why Youths Delivered Yellow Pigs At Parliament

Yellow painted pigs at parliament
Yellow painted pigs at parliament

The Ugandan Parliament was a piggery to two yellow piglets Tuesday afternoon as two youth activists protested the misuse of public funds.

Robert Mayanja and Norman Tumuhimbise brought two yellow painted piglets to parliament bearing the tags ‘Yes, M-PIGS, Corruption constituency’ and ‘Jubilee Alliance’. The two were also putting on black-collared white T-shirts that were inscripted with ‘Jobless Manhood,” “We won’t shut up about your desertion,” “Exploitation,” and “Harsh Budget.”

The piglets emerged from the newly constructed Parliamentary parking and walked straight to the main entrance of Parliament.

They took the steps and immediately blocked by officers at the main entrance to the Parliamentary chambers.

The question that now remains to be answered is how the piglets and the two youths beat security at the gate of parliament and accessed parking.

Police manning Parliament has declined to speak to the Media on what charges they are to charge the arrested youth who are currently under arrest at Parliament.

Meanwhile the piglets that were kept in a box at the Parliament Parking were later picked up on orders of police and driven to an unknown destination.

The act of activism was however cut back after Police at Parliament commanded by Officer Benjamin Alishaba arrested them.

Parliament Police lead the youth away after arresting them
Parliament Police lead the youth away after arresting them

Growing discontent over the misappropriation of public funds has been evident in Uganda with the Black Monday Movement leading the campaigns for the accountability of public funds.

The first time pigs were visible at any parliament was in a Kenyan protest last year in May when activists protested against salary increment proposal by members of the Kenyan parliament.

Tuesday was the first day the parliament returned from a three-month recess period.

On Thursday last week, Finance Minister Maria Kiwanuka read out a 14 trillion budget that seeks to target taxes on private schools, mobile money withdrawals and fuel. The tax proposals have been widely criticised by analysts who claim they are too harsh on the ‘common man’.

The two are still in police custody for yet to be known charges.

13 thoughts on “Why Youths Delivered Yellow Pigs At Parliament

  1. This is a challenge to our security personnel at all government offices!
    A sign that NRM is rotten and need to reorganize itself to avoid more shameful acts of corruption and vote rigging!

  2. The police drove the piglets to an unknown destination !!!!!!
    This must be the most meaty police investigation for the our blessed police.

  3. “The police drove the piglets to an unknown destination !!!” come on, we all know the destination…..Back to the police barracks on meat skewers to be washed down with a local brew known as “malwa”. I hope its not the Tororo youths fighting back

  4. Brave young men, who did some nobel act. Your arrest will only galvanise your road to fighters for the marginalised.Hopefully the mpigs gotten the clear message from the ordinary people whose benefit of trust they have totally misussed.

    1. Yes they are “brave young men”. Just hoping someone will listen to them and take action. Our parliament has not done enough and the public hardly bother what is being discussed.

  5. As Longer as something is yellow it is allowed anywhere at parliament / state house , so please dont be surprised they went through security.

  6. I am proud of these young men. Indeed we have M-pigs in parliament. They do not bother about the future of this county. The youth are languishing in poverty, unemployment, unequal opportunities. To mention a few. Museveni uses them when he finds an opportunity to exploit them. At heart, he hates them, but enjoys using them. NRM has succeeded in creating a hopeless generation.

  7. Lwazi

    I’ts an English symbolism to denote that N RM leadership is gratuitous /or as greedy as pigs.
    The preach to the ordinary Ugandans who live in abject poverty ,UN imaginable disease ,true real unemployment to the tune of 80%,institutional& organised political instability.
    Later, they pick the microphones ,and ironically they start to preach to the hungry,and disease ridden Ugandans that we are all equal,and N RM government is working for every body,not the chosen few ,which is just 1%.Please almighty God have mercy on your poor people in uganda who do not have any voice to air, their displeasure to the junta in uganda.

  8. With our incompetent government, treason is a possibility these innocent young men will be charged with. Just watch this space.

  9. these acts by such youth is common among the opposition youth they have specialised in comedy and demonstrating instead of thinking of constructive issues like peacefull demonstration

  10. the police should be charged with improper handling of evidence(pigs)on the floor of our parliament.

  11. The two brave youth were actually very polite-these Mps are worse than pigs. Let us not demean pigs at all. They are more sensible.

  12. The piglets were delivered to the right pig sty a.k.a. the Ugandan Parliament!

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