Tooro Kingdom Demands Apology From M7 Over ‘Disrespectful’ Oyo Remarks

Rukirabasaija Omukama Oyo welcomes President Museveni to the Karuzika in Fortportal yesterday. The President had just arrived to attend the closing ceremony of the launch of Africa Queens and Leaders Network Conference last year.
Rukirabasaija Omukama Oyo welcomes President Museveni to the Karuzika in Fortportal yesterday. The President had just arrived to attend the closing ceremony of the launch of Africa Queens and Leaders Network Conference last year.

Tooro Kingdom is demanding an apology from President Yoweri Museveni for the ‘disrespectful’ remarks made against the King of Tooro, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV.

A press release signed by Steven Kaliba, the Prime Minister Tooro Kingdom, accused President Museveni of undermining King Oyo and his subjects.

On Wednesday while addressing a press conference, President Museveni who was reacting to reports that King Oyo will fast protesting the installation of cultural leaders in kingdoms namely; – Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu in Kasese and Obundingiya Bwa Bamba in Bundibugyo, allegedly referred to King Oyo as ‘that boy of Tooro’.

He is also reported to have said that the fasting will help King Oyo to guard his weight and remain fit.

Kaliba says that the President’s statements are culturally and morally unacceptable and are a sign of disrespect towards the King and the people of Tooro. He adds that the president’s support to King Oyo shouldn’t translate into an advantage to use inappropriate language towards the King.

According to the press release copied to all cultural leaders in the country, Kaliba states that it’s unacceptable for the President who holds a special status entrusted onto him by the people of Tooro as a guardian of King Oyo and defender of the crown (Mujwarakondo), to undermine the King. Kaliba wants the president to withdraw the words he used against the King and also apologize to Oyo and the people of Tooro.

Kaliba also denied recent media reports that King Oyo is on a Hunger strike, saying that Oyo will allocate time next month on his private schedule to fast and pray as a cultural and religious belief.

According to Kaliba, Oyo was supposed to start fasting today, but has decided to postpone it to next month, when he will be in Fort Portal.

Last month, Lt. Col. Martin Ayongi Kamya was crowned Bamba cultural leader at a function attended by President Museveni. Tooro Kingdom argues that recognizing Bamba cultural institution is aimed at weakening Tooro Kingdom’s power and supremacy and has caused ethnic and tribal tensions in the region.

20 thoughts on “Tooro Kingdom Demands Apology From M7 Over ‘Disrespectful’ Oyo Remarks

    1. I don’t know if he is fat now. I last saw him at entebbe airport. He was wearing jeans but people waiting for him were dressed in traditional costumes! He was coming from sandringham, uk. He looked good weight but I don’t know now

  1. words once said can’t be taken back so it is awaste of tym and in any case is Oyo aboy? what is wrong wiz M7 calling him aboy.

  2. M7 is right! the boy is sooo fat..and the world is tired of these lazy princes …

    1. Some princes cannot grow fat like those of Sempala’s land because they are not princes but ……………..

    2. Hahahahahaha, the boy is not even starving himself, behind closed door, he’s feasting on burgers and chips

  3. The old man can’t be trusted. Those who did, or still do so are to blame. King Rukidi IV must forthwith remove the old man from being a mujwarakondo because he is not worth it at all. Besides King Rukidi IV is now a man who can defend the crown himself.

  4. Please do not refer to Oyo in his own capacity, refer to him as Oyo, the King. It is Oyo on the throne. He commands respect by virtue of his status and position. Therefore referring to him as a boy is both an insult to the position he holds and to his subject. The rest can be argued.

    From the subject of His Majesty, King of Rwenzururu

  5. Very funy jibe from M7! However, prince Oyo is ill advised if I take some actions in context, M7 has done a lot for that kingdom when all was forgotten. Although he promoted Toro kingdom to dampen buganda kingdom. He has been very enthuastic to promote that kingdom whenever he got an opportunity. On evidence lot of donations are heading toro. I think they are in better place now. Monarch should never interfere with politics regardless of issue, the king should raise his grievance by sending palace to state house and should be by appointment only. That is the way monarch conducts itself but public spat are needless please.

  6. But are Bamba Batooro or not? And what do they do with their culture? I don’t mean to offend anybody, but if my question does I wish to apologise.

  7. Those who believe that leaders are born have all the right to get angry but me with those who believe leaders are made and can be questioned see no harm in calling Oyo a boy, yeah fasting is good for his figure since Ugandan youth have started associating themselves with pot belly or beer belly.

  8. The King of Tooro must be respected and given his full dignitaries irrespective who is addressing him.

  9. That is exactly that can intimidate him (m7), politics, lose of votes or the public showing him that it’s no longer interested in him. Since he has deception godly being in him.

  10. I’m sure Mr. Museveni used his mouth to insult the King. Every Mutooro has a mouth, which is capable of worse.

  11. There should be mutual respect if Uganda is to remain in harmony. I believe King Oyo should have some good advisors on his action and what he says. A king should not do what ordinary people do because they are above them. In some cultures, it is believed kings are immortal. Since fasting would mortalise him then that act would not be Kingly. He should consult his powers bestowed upon him by his subjects. In the past, a King would consult his military to subdue emerging forces. That may not work today.

    The comments from the President reduces King Oyo to his subject, which is wrong. Infact, under normal circumstance the King is above the president becase presidency is secular and Kindship is divine (in the classical sense). The best was the president to reserve his comments.

  12. Its true oyo is young period less than 25years and Museveni is 67 years so whats wrong with Oyo being called a kid

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