Muntu: Militarization of Service Delivery Depicts Govt Failure

Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu
Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu

The planned deployment of UPDF officers to manage government programs is an admission of government’s absolute failure to deliver services to the people, General Mugisha Muntu President of the Forum for Democratic Change says.

Muntu says the move also implies that President Yoweri Museveni has failed to build functioning systems for service delivery close to 30 years since the NRM regime assumed power.

His comments follow repeated statements by President Yoweri Museveni that government would spread the veterans’ income generation programme in every constituency in order to help transform agriculture. According to the President, the soldiers, under the command of Gen Salim Saleh, had been successful in Luweero Triangle compared National Agriculture Advisory Services (NAADS) officials.

The statement was his point of emphasis during the 25th National Heroes day celebrations in Mityana. He stated that the move is to ensure that more Ugandans benefit directly from government efforts to fight poverty at household level and minimize the corruption and theft.

However Gen Mugisha Muntu wonders how Ugandans can listen to the President who is giving evidence of failure against himself and they still trust him.

Asumani Basalirwa, The Justice Forum president says it is illegal and unconstitutional for the President to deploy army officers in civic duties. He argues that the risk is that the soldiers will become political and partisan which is against the constitution and the UPDF Act.

Makerere University political analyst Julius Lebo on the other hand says government should instead establish reasons for the failure by civilians to deliver.

Lebo is convinced that President Museveni made that statement out of frustration and adds that the army would equally fail to implement the programs in the long run. He stresses that the President is indirectly telling Ugandans that they have failed him.

7 thoughts on “Muntu: Militarization of Service Delivery Depicts Govt Failure

  1. The political analyst . Lebo, on one side i agree. The fellow is frustrated because his ideas and method of work do not work. On the other side, he has not been failed but rather he has failed Ugandans by trying without success to implement political economy of neo liberal business culture. This is the third time he is suspending NAADS. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. The gentle man has run out of luck and ideas. The president is tired he should rest.

  2. This political analyst in the name of Mr. Lebo is a very big failure himself. How could he otherwise come to this confused conclusion that Ugandans have failed the president.

  3. These statements would have been music to my ears if they were made before he crossed o FDC, now that he is out, nobody can take him serious

  4. Definitely that is the overall implication of m7’s current juggling. Failure for 30 years

  5. Surely the president is not serious. Uganda has ministry of agriculture with fully highly paid servicemen and women. What have they done since 1986? If at all they have failed to execute their duties what about to recruit graduates from makerere and other institutions who have sound academic ideas. Our problem little has the president not realised that education is the way to sort things out. It is against our constitution to use soldiers in ministerial roles. Personally is a bad sight to see soldiers on our streets and will be worse to see them running agriculture. They should stay in barracks. I think this is a sign of failure from someone as president to say so! Why does he have to decide such big matter that will impact on people’s lives mentally and physically. Where are we going if soldiers are on our farms, villages? This is terrifying and maama Uganda will descend into chaos. I’m very worried!, Maybe the president can retire and allow someone young with fresher ideas to take over from him. I’m sure he can have good retirement. And all Ugandans will give him due respect. Our solution should never be military pse. Abantu bakowu

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