Jeff Kiwanuka Suspended From Accessing Club Silk

Goodlyfe manager Jeff Kiwanuka has been suspended from accessing club Silk premises for a period of two months.

Jeff Kiwanuka
Jeff Kiwanuka

Allan Kiwanuka who is also a manager at Goodlyfe was also suspended from the club for the same period.

“Club Silk has decided to ban Jeff Kiwa for two month due to his acts of violence and Allan Kiwa for damaging company property. The ban is effective from today June 23 to August 23,” said an insider at Club Silk.

Club Silk management however apologized to the public for what happened of Friday night at one of their clubs, Silk Ocean.

It all started on Friday night (20th June) when Jeff Kiwanuka brutally punched a reveler in Club Silk Ocean last after thought that the former a journalist with the Pepper Publications that has been giving him a negative publicity.

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  1. He is homeless now,i advise u Jeff to go and find a muzigo in Kimombasa and have roof over yo head and have sm rest.

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