Govt Denies Requesting Buganda for Buruli, Kooki Land Titles

Attorney General Peter Nyombi.
Attorney General Peter Nyombi.

The Ugandan Government says it has never asked the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II or his Katikkiro to return any of the ancestral property land titles that were recently returned to the Kingdom.

Initial reports indicated that Attorney General Peter Nyombi had written to the Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga requesting for the withdrawal of at least 13 titles for land located in Kooki County.  The same letter was reportedly used to remind Mengo officials that Buganda kingdom has no control over properties in Kooki, Buruli and Bugerere.

The three counties with semi-autonomous chiefdoms are perceived to be under Buganda Kingdom’s jurisdiction.

But Nyombi in an interview with local media denied he had recalled some of the titles that government returned to Buganda April this year.

Nyombi however says he wrote a letter to the Katikkiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga asking him to operationalize part of the agreement Mengo had signed with central Government in regard to the properties in Buruli and Bugerere.

He says the leadership in Buruli and Bugerere had written to him questioning how they would deal with Buganda following the return of the titles in their areas of jurisdiction.

Nyombi says government will abide by the agreement it signed with Buganda with regard to return of all properties seized by the then Prime Minister Dr. Apollo Milton Obote following the 1966 Buganda crisis.  He adds that the government is processing 81 more land titles that it will soon return to Buganda as per the agreement.

The government and Buganda signed an agreement in August 2013 opening the process of returning the properties comprised of mainly land and sub county headquarters.

Media reports have queried whether Buganda was duped to sign the agreement whose contents had been kept secret prior to the return of the titles. Nyombi insists that the agreement between the two parties was clearly discussed to the satisfaction of the two parties before it was signed.

Meanwhile, Mityana North MP, Godfrey Kiwanda says the agreement made between Kabaka and the government should be made public in order to avoid emerging controversies. He insists that the land and properties located in Buruli, Bugerere and Kooki belong to the Buganda and that Buganda legally has right to determine how to use them.

Kiwanda also Buganda parliamentary caucus chairperson fears the controversy could ignite animosity between the Central government and Buganda if not resolved.

We could not reach Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga or the Kingdom Attorney General for comment.

4 thoughts on “Govt Denies Requesting Buganda for Buruli, Kooki Land Titles

  1. Red Pepper, please note that the counties are not merely “percieved” as being part of Buganda, they are actually and really part of Buganda.

    Nyombi granted, he did not write to request Buganda to surrender any returned titles, but requested the Katikiro to “operationalise” part of the agreement in regard to properties in buruli and bugerere, what does that actually mean other than an indirect surrender game?

  2. The matter should have been handled by the Deputy Attorney General as Hon Nyombi has a conflict of interest because he comes from Buruli, or is a Muruli.

  3. Who is telling the truth?There is evidence following past and current situation in Uganda that to be in the NRM party and government one must tell lies steal swindle available funds and promote corruption

  4. The titles handed to Kingdom and likely fake. Land was probably already sold to some fake investors. Things may be on courts for years while those with guns take what is there piece by piece and sell it again to other “investors”. Let us wait & see

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