Foot and Mouth Outbreak Reported in Kasese

mouth and foot

There is a reported outbreak of the foot and mouth disease in Mukunyu Sub County in Kasese district. According to Peluce Kabagenyi, the Kasese district production secretary says the disease has already claimed thirteen pigs and seven goats in Bukangara parish in Mukunyu Sub County and eight cows in Nyakatonzi Sub County. Kabagenyi says they have imposed restriction of movement of animals in the entire Bukonza County to contain the spread of the disease.

She warns residents against buying meat and animal products from the black market to avoid contamination. Dr Godfrey Kalule, the Kasese district veterinary officer says his office is devising means to vaccinate all animals in areas that are not yet affected by the disease. He blames the outbreak on livestock farmers who have failed to vaccinate their animals in time. Dr Kalule directed all veterinary staff, local council officials, sub-county chiefs and Enforcement personnel to ensure animals are vaccinated.

Foot and mouth disease (FMD) is an infectious disease affecting cloven-hoofed animals, in particular cattle, sheep, pigs and goats. While Foot and Mouth is not normally fatal to adult animals, it is debilitating and causes significant loss of productivity; for example milk yields may drop or the animals may become lame. In young animals it can be fatal on a large scale. In the early stage, a rise in temperature is noticed and the animal is dull, blowing slightly and off its food. A cow in milk will show a sudden drop in yield.

Blisters begin to develop, usually within a few hours, most frequently on the upper surface of the tongue and the bulbs of the heels. Feeding and cudding may cease and the animal is ‘tucked up’ with staring coat. If at pasture, the animal will be away from the rest of the herd, and probably lying down.

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