Fatboy Facing Sanyu FM Axe After Blaming Station For His Impotence

Sanyu FM’s PR blunder of sacking star presenters is just getting worse and worse.

The King and a queen are no more.
The King and a queen are no more.

It seems like a lifetime ago… But once upon a time (10 years now), Ugandan airwaves had a king and a queen and their regal names James Onen aka Fat Boy and Seanice who threw in the towel recently.

My grandfather once asked me if Fat Boy was still alive. I said yes but now I can almost whisper “but he set for an axe from Sanyu FM if information reaching Red Pepper gossip desk is to go by.”

Sources at the Crane Chambers based radio station tell us that top management, including owner Sudhir Ruparelia, are not happy with his facebook rants.

While they understand that it could all have been a joke, they believe there are things not to be joked with as they compromise the company brand. As a result we are told a meeting has been held to discuss Fat Boy’s future according to Xclusive UG.

“Sanyu FM management understands that Fat Boy is their star presenter but they believe he is replaceable. He is certainly not bigger than the company.”
Earlier this week, Fat Boy blamed his childless life to his workplace Sanyu FM. The popular childless radio star posted on facebook his current job at the Crane Chambers based radio station is behind everything.

He even went on to name some of the presenters at the station have not had children because of their work on the breakfast show “Fatboy, Seanice, and Melanie. Crystal and Big Ben, who used to host Sanyu Breakfast, only got kids after being assigned to other shows!” he explained.

Now management believes this is a case of recklessness, the reason they are considering firing him the entertainment website revealed.
Fat Boy


But after the social media backlash from fans, Fat Boy might want to consider the context next time if he survives atleast.

13 thoughts on “Fatboy Facing Sanyu FM Axe After Blaming Station For His Impotence

  1. Sudhiru if it was not for Uganda you would be in Calcutta somewhere, the Boy has right, with that Kind of pressure you put on your workers it is hard to think of even masturbating. The media, Radio Stations should be owned by Ugandans pure this will expose so much of the rappists, enslavers and all these Idi Amin so called victims who are doing nothing but exploiting Uganda to the fullest. “But after the social media backlash from fans, Fat Boy might want to consider the context next time if he survives atleast.” I THOUGHT THE MEDIA SHOULD BE FREE OF SPEECH, so i wonder which Guru do they believe in

  2. Sorry fat boy. So how has the radio contributed? This is serious……..seek help.

  3. Whether true or false, ask him for his opinion, LISTEN and let him make a
    choice. He is free to decide his fate and he shouldn’t blame anyone for
    the mess that follows. He is still a young man with a great future.
    Don’t intimidate him. His listeners are many and you also stand to

  4. This used to be my fav show. I remember driving from Kireka to K’la everyday listening to Fat Boy and Seanice ! They were hot ! I hope this story is just gossip. Fat Boy is just too good.

  5. I didn’t know a child is only born between 4am and 10 am. So do askaris make children while they are in that employment?

    1. Dont Forget you have to do the woman to get a big stomach first, then the Baby will be manufactured in her, all this Needs Faties time you damn Thing, i wonder where you got that Name from and yet u just know the time which Baby should be born

      1. @disqus_hqs8MPoyhN:disqus, The gentleman is right, how many askaris or others who work crazy shifts have managed to score?? It takes from as little as 30 seconds depending if you are a beeper…to score..lame excuses brother….

        1. @Angel not all have the good shoes or strong legs to take the ball from the opponent and score a goal, if you research so well, you will notice that in western countries where most of them work so hard for a living can not even go tothe field and play football, today it is the order of the day thus aritificial foodball on the TV like they are ordering how many should they have, do you want the same here in Uganda? I guess no

  6. Maybe its the curse from Ugandan musicians. Fat boy was very instrumental is declining to play Ugandan music on FM stations u know !! Do u all remember a song called “BALOGO” by Red Banton ?????

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