Court Yet To Decide On LC1 Bicycle Scam Case

The Anti Corruption Court is today expected to pass its verdict in a case in which six men including former  Permanent Secretary of the Local government ministry John Muhanguzi Kashaka are accused of having a role in the botched procurement deal of 70,000 bicycles meant to be used by village LC1 chairpersons ahead of the 2011 Presidential elections.


Government allegedly lost over Shs4.6 billion in the deal as no single bicycle was procured and shipped to Uganda.

The judgment is set to be read out by trial judge Catherine Bamugemereire.

The judgment date was set about a month ago after the case heard to its totality with two court assessors advising court to convict all the accused and charged on grounds that there was overwhelming evidence.
Once convicted of abuse of office, Kashaka and his co-accused stand to be jailed up to 7 years and 14 years for causing financial loss.

The other suspects in this case include; Henry Bamutura (Principal Accountant), Robert Mwebaze (Principal Procurement Officer), Sam Emorut Erongot (Assistant Commissioner Policy and Planning), Timothy Musherure and Adam  Aluma.

Kashaka along with Bamutura are accused of abusing their offices when they allegedly signed a final contract with the bicycle supply firm Amman Industrial Tools and Equipment Ltd (Aitel) for delivery of 70,000 bicycles, without contacting and approval of the Contracts Committee.

About Shs4.6 billion is alleged to have been paid to the supply firm but no single bicycle has been delivered to date.

Some of the suspects face a separate charge of neglecting their duties.

All the suspects are out on bail.

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