Apostasy Woman Meriam Ibrahim: ‘Brother’ Says She Deserves To Be Executed Unless She Returns To Islam

A man claiming to be the brother of Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman sentenced to death for apostasy, has said she deserves to die unless she repents of her “crime”.
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Al Samani Al Hadi Mohamed Abdullah, who says he is one of three brothers, said the convicted woman’s real name is Abrar Al Hadi, but that she changed it after being fed “potions” by her husband.

In an interview with CNN he said: “She went missing in Ramadan [July] last year for 45 days. That’s when we went to the police. When she was picked up we found her face was different, the way she looked at us was different. She was bewitched.

“When she stood in front of the court she said her name was Meriam Yahya [Ibrahim]. We were shocked.”

And he said that she should be “executed” unless she renounces her actions.

Last month a then heavily pregnant Ms Ibrahim was sentenced by a Khartoum court to 100 lashes and hanging after being convicted of apostasy and adultery for marrying a non-Muslim. Although she was raised as a Christian by her mother, Sudanese law states a child must follow their father’s religion and Ms Ibrahim’s marriage was deemed invalid on these grounds.

She gave birth to a baby girl in jail, where her 18-month-old son is also living with her. People all over the world have rallied together to condemn her treatment, with Amnesty International describing the sentence as “abhorrent,” and the US State Department saying it was “deeply disturbed”.
Mr Al Hadi alleged that Ms Ibrahim met her husband, Daniel Wani, following her graduation . He claimed that Mr Wani, whom he referred to as “the Priest”, converted his sister to Christianity using “potions”.
Meriam Ibrahim
His account goes against that of the couple, who claim they were introduced by Mr Wani’s sister in 2009 and married in 2011. Mr Wani said he had never met his “brother-in-law” until the start of his wife’s trial.

On Wednesday, the lawyer for Ms Ibrahim announced that she has launched an appeal against her sentence.

The appeal demands the release of Meriam Ibrahim, saying the court that tried her committed “procedural errors,” Eman Abdul-Rahim told The Associated Press.

But Mr Al Hadi is unmoving in his judgement of his “sister”.

“It’s one of two; if she repents and returns to our Islamic faith and to the embrace of our family then we are her family and she is ours. We are prepared to hold her dearer than the apples of our eyes,” he told CNN.

“But if she refuses she should be executed. Why would I indulge my humanity, my emotions and incur the wrath of my Lord? That’s not how it works for us.”

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  1. Your belief is wrong. You are ignorant about the world you are living in. If you think you are smart by branding “dark” and “stone age” the things you do not believe in, you are terribly mistaken. Ruth, Muslims do not agree with the Christian belief of TRINITY. It does not make sense to us to say that 3 = 1. If I was to explain things in your language, I would say that such a belief is “…” or “…”. But Muslims do not make a hullabaloo about your faith. Its up to you. My problem is that Christians will be the first people to demonize and abuse Islam with all sorts of names, just because in your opinion, such or such belief is not proper or acceptable to you. You are a Christian, so be contented where you are. Do not keep throwing your irrelevant and unwanted opinions to the Islamic faith.

    1. Yours is a primitive religion and should be expunged off the face of the planet

    2. There is only one god that everyone believes in no matter what way. He must be a brother from hell. We come far, religions were brought to us by Arabs and White people who at the moment hardly practice. I would never condemn anyone to death just because of religion. My brother don’t be offended and become emotional.mi understand this is a an issue which I highly sensitive and devicive. I would not image image M7 or Saleh condemning each other to death just because of choices. What is your name? That is why I say we left stone and dark ages we will never look back the world has moved on. Even Muslim and born again drink alcohol! Blood is thicker than water!

  2. Its completely a stupid religion where killing people is seen as a favour to God. God has ability to create and kill, why do you help him by killing people through your stupid beliefs. I dont blame the brother, i blame the religion that has white washed his brains to believe that the killin of his sister would be better than for them to accept her as she. That is wrong, the only true God is merciful forgiving and instructed us never to kill. Its the same white washing of brains that leads to numerous massacres of innocent people in Nigeria by Boko haram, innocent blood shed in Nairobi, Uganda and others. Women and innocent children killed, girls kidnapped and raped. What kind of God is that that you believe in really. God have mercy on this religion and may you all be saved by the blood of Jesus.

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