Uhuru, Machar Hold Talks On S. Sudan Conflict

Rebel leader Riek Machar (R) briefed President Kenyatta on mediation efforts taking place in Ethiopia
Rebel leader Riek Machar (R) briefed President Kenyatta on mediation efforts taking place in Ethiopia

South Sudan’s rebel leader Riek Machar has held talks with Kenya’s leader in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

He was briefing President Uhuru Kenyatta on the latest moves to end the conflict in South Sudan where more than a million people have fled their homes since fighting erupted in December.

He signed a ceasefire agreement with his rival President Salva Kiir earlier this month, but fighting has continued.

Negotiations are aimed at forming a government of national unity.

There are unconfirmed reports that Mr Kiir may fly into Nairobi on Friday for further talks with his former deputy and Mr Kenyatta.

Violence in the world’s newest nation broke out in December when President Kiir accused Mr Machar, who he had sacked as vice-president in July, of plotting a coup.

Mr Machar denied the allegation, but then marshalled a rebel army to fight the government.

Thousands have died in the conflict, which assumed ethnic overtones with Mr Machar relying heavily on fighters from his Nuer ethnic group and Mr Kiir from his Dinka community.

The fighting has left people unable to farm and with little access to food, aid experts say.

Nearly four million people in South Sudan, which seceded from Sudan in 2011, are now at risk of serious food insecurity, according to the UN.

7 thoughts on “Uhuru, Machar Hold Talks On S. Sudan Conflict

  1. S. Sudanese have suffered so much. Hoping this can bring everlasting peace in S.Sudan.

  2. Mr. Machar should have sympathy on the people of South Sudan. If Machar is not power hungry he should disband his rebel group for the sake of S. Suadanese. Even if Kiir is a bad leader going to war again was not the solution given the fact that SOuth Sudan gained a hard won independence recently after decades of protracted civil war against the Arab North.

    Any sensible persons should have made a cost benefit analysis before engaging in such destructive move. I wonder a man like Machar with a PHD failing to reason to the extent of puting South Sudanese, who were mostly poor, illiterate, food insecure and sickly, back to a situation of un governable.
    The road infrastructure is so poor, Hospitals and schools ill equipped, guns are every where, a backward population, unemployable youth etc etc. Then a man of high academic credentials wakes up one morning to cause more harm to the country.

    Machar does not need to be handled using Kid cloves, he should be arraigned in the ICC because his action is an affront to humanity. There were other avenues to put Kiir to the right track if he erred. But also considering the time and pace of transformation educated Machar could have first weighed and understood that Kiir was operating at formation stage with all associated mess. Putting messy things right together is not something you can achieve in a very short time.

    The Prime Minister of Ethiopia could have been right in threatening to arrest Machar. Kenyata should just arrest that idiot. I guess if he came here son President Museveni would do the right thing.

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for saying the obvious. Machar is a greedy and heartless man. There is no other explanation, given the way he has intentionally thrown his a;ready sick and backward country, back into war and thus pulling the several decades behind. I dont care much for his academic credentials, the man is a self centred, backward, war monger with little regard for human life, with classic signs of poor upbringing.

      But to see how so many willingly followed him into the bush and further caused more death and destruction of their young country, seems to suggest that its a generational problem with South Sudanese. You can also see that from the way they behave here in Uganda; violent and non civilised. As John Garang Jr told me once when I bumped into him in a pub in Kampala and I asked him where he sees the future of his country going, he said “..its all going to HELL!” and this was in 2009

      1. Without peace in Northern Uganda, courtesy of Machar’s effort, for those who care to reason before they write, Ugandans who have gotten livelihoods from South Sudan will be wallowing in abject poverty. This facts are not obvious to the epiyatonons and Cokedaemons of this world!

        Museveni sent “his” troops to stake Salva Kiir’s government to keep it “in charge” of South Sudan so that the Ugandan youths who have become sycophants (in NRM), iron bar men, thugs, prostitutes, etc are “gainfully occupied” in South Sudan and M7 keeps his reign on Uganda. Some of you are blind to the core!

        1. John, I have personally worked and lived in S. Sudan besides the rebellion in The North has not spared me because i come from Teso. Negotiating peace for the North does not give him a licence to butcher South Sudanese. On the contrary you are the one who is myopic and seem not to understand the humanitarian situation in South Sudan. By the way i am one person who is against the longevity of Museveni’s government but that does not mean that i hate President Museveni as a person, like some people do. He has his good side.

          I just sympathise with S. Sudanese especially the children, the elderly and women who have been denied there basic life conditions they deserve by that brute Machar. I maintain he should be arrested. His actions are affront to humanity. To hell with your sympathy to a man who has failed to respect God’s precious creation.

          1. Then continue to mobilise the ‘regional leaders’ that you have at your disposal to arrest Machar as you so wished.

            All access to Nuer villages is now being restricted by the Juba government so that the much needed help does not reach those in dire need and you don’t see this as killing of innocent nuers by the government of the day. What you for gospel truth is what you hear from the government mouth piece. Style up epolon.

            I am writing from an informed position because I am based in one the locations held by the anti-government. I was in Juba when he’ll broke loose in December last year.

            I was growing up in Soroti (staying at the flats in senior quarters) when NRA took over government in Kampala.

            What I am saying is bad is the approach M7 is taking in dealing with the political issues in South Sudan. You know the new country is likely to splinter into States that are based on ethnicities. South Sudanese are very difficult people if you don’t know.

            Yalama noi!

      2. Cokedaemon, spot on. Regional leaders should take this man on. This stupidity and war of all against all in S.Sudan has been caused by Machar. Millions are living hopeless life like they were born lesser human.
        My strong opinion remains that regional leaders should arrest this brute called Machar. How can he sacrifice millions because he wants power?

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