Two Chinese Nationals Held for Trafficking Ivory

Two Chinese Nationals have been arrested while attempting to traffic Ivory through Kigali International Airport in Rwanda.

The two are said to have been in possession of 2.5 Kilogram’s of ivory believed to have originated from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The two are employees of Cemerwa cement factory in Rusizi District, Western Province who were heading for China aboard Ethiopian Airlines. They are currently detained at Kicukiro Police station.

Kigali Central Police Spokesperson Modeste Mbabazi said that the Ivory had been chopped into 32 small pieces and parked in a tin. The tin had been covered within their luggage and was detected by the scanner.

Modesta Mbabazi revealed that the two also made an effort to bribe Police officers by offering $85  worth Rwandan francs 58,000 and 100 Chinese Yuan  worth Rwandan francs 11,000.
They now face charges of illicit ivory trade and offering bribes to security personnel.

Last year, global large-scale ivory seizures many of which occurred in East Africa, reached record levels, according to Interpol.

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  1. If these were Ugandans or Rwandese caught in China, they would have been hanged immediately.

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