Teargas Rocks Luweero As Nabukenya Is Nominated

Opposition candidate Brenda Nabukenya in procession along Kampala-Gulu highway
Opposition candidate Brenda Nabukenya in procession along Kampala-Gulu highway

Police have used live bullets and teargas to break up a procession led by Brenda Nabukenya, the joint opposition candidate in the Luweero District Woman MP bye-elections.

It came shortly after Nabukenya was nominated for the May 22 polls. Police accused the opposition supporters of blocking traffic along the Kampala-Gulu highway and creating disorder in the town.

Nabukenya who is seeking re-election arrived at Luweero district headquarters at 12:30pm. She was declared nominated by Alex Komuhangi, the Luweero Electoral Commission returning officer at around 2pm.

Nabukenya told local media shortly after her nomination that Luweero continues lagging behind because President Yoweri Museveni and the ruling government have ignored it.

She says despite the contribution of the district to NRA liberation struggle, residents have nothing to boast of yet they shed blood to usher in the current regime. Nabukenya says she is back in the race to remind government of its unfulfilled promises.

Shortly after her nominations, Nabukenya together with Mugisha Muntu, the FDC leader, his predecessor Kizza Besigye, Former DP presidents Kizito Ssebaana, Paul Ssemwogerere and several opposition supporters embarked on procession along Kampala-Gulu highway paralyzing traffic.

As a result, anti-riot police led by Godfrey Ninsiima, the Luweero District Police Commander opened fire and teargas to disperse the opposition supporters accusing them of blocking traffic leading to violent clashes. It took the intervention of Wafula Oguttu, the leader of Opposition in parliament who engaged police to stop shooting and allow their procession to continue.

Oguttu said they are aware NRM is using the state machinery to intimidate and threaten their supporters but said they are not deterred. He said they are united as the opposition to defend Nabukenya at all cost. Muwanga Kivumbi and Suzan Namaganda, the Butambala and Bukomansimbi MPs condemned the police brutality against peaceful supporters.
Luganda Audio.

Nabukenya’s supporters vowed to rally behind her at all costs. By the time of filing this story, Nabukenya and her supporters were still holding their procession through various sub counties with several stop over to address voters. The Luweero district woman MP seat fell vacant after the court of appeal nullified the election of Nabukenya on the grounds that the election didn’t comply with electoral laws.

Nabukenya will tussle it out with Ramulah Kadaala and Faridah Namubiru independent candidates who were nominated on Monday evening and Rebecca Nalwanga, the NRM candidate is expected to be nominated on Tuesday.

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  1. King Solomon prayed for wisdom to lead the people, let DPC Godfrey Ninsiima also pray to God for Initiative Assessment to evaluate the impact and risk of his applications and take responsibilities.
    if it was traffic blocked, couldn’t traffic officers deal with that by directing movements????? it seems Ninsiima lacks initiative how to delegate effectively which is an essential skill for any leader

  2. Who ever advises NRM and it’s state machinery is just a complete joke. Who can never read clearly between the lines. I hope police continues with the kind of behaviours. This will make ripe grounds at the due time. Bravo Ninsiima , Kayihura etc.

  3. i support you fully Nabukenya, no matter the circumstances under which they put you… NRM is like that

  4. Moses tolerated King Pharaoh until the Kings son was killed and then he accepted Israelite to lave Egypt and in his stubbornness followed them until he was overpower by the red sea drowning him and his soldiers just as very soon Museveni and his tear Gases will be teargases and thrown where he shall never again appear to wash people with tear gas.

  5. The first son must do something about this gas. It might end up on his plate.

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