Qwela Band Closes Shop

One of Uganda’s best performing bands; Qwela Band has suspended its operations until further notice.

Qwela band members
Qwela band members

Qwela band broke the bad news to their loyal fans this morning via Social media.

“Meanwhile dear fans. We won’t be able to bring you our band performances until further notice,”


Qwela is a band Raised in a traditional African background and influenced by western culture.

Qwela came up with a unique fusion of African music with a Western musical approach creating an authentic Ugandan music.

What started as a group of young musicians playing popular contemporary renditions in 2007, became a fully fledged live act with a following, on the thresh hold of a musical revolution in Kampala, Uganda.

Qwela fuses an electric and acoustic act of rumba, reggae, jazz, blues, gospel and afro-soul rhythms & sounds making it a sensation in the local live music circuit.

It remains a matter of controversy to why Qwela has suspended its operations.

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  1. Am I surprised ? Not at all……..Ugandans me inclusive, obviously I consider myself Ugandan by the virtue of the fact that my cousin’s cousin’s brother’s driver’s sister is Ugandan. That’s not the point, the point is, once we make some money, we begin feeling all big. Quela band has been around for a while and is one of the biggest bands in town, but at the moment , the infighting is about who is the boss of who. Even the new comers in the band want to be bosses….

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