NRM Leaders Walkout on Moses Kigongo

NRM Vice Chairman Alhajji Moses Kigongo.Ali Hajji Kigongo   arrived in Isingiro District early this week to reconcile the warring factions within the NRM party
NRM Vice Chairman Alhajji Moses Kigongo.Ali Hajji Kigongo arrived in Isingiro District early this week to reconcile the warring factions within the NRM party

Bickering in the National Resistance Movement is Masaka has worsened with a section of members walking out on Moses Kigongo, the NRM vice chairperson.

This morning, Kigongo convened a crisis meeting at Hotel Zebra in Masaka town to resolve wrangles amongst party members. It follows a decision by NRM leaning councilors of Masaka district council to censure Phoebe Kyewalyanga, the district Speaker for alleged corruption, abuse of office and disrespect.

12 of the 21 councilors of Masaka district council recently signed a censure petition against the speaker.Kyewalyanga is accused of pocketing a bribe from Ddungu Tabula, the Masaka district Finance Secretary to block his censure last year. Tabula was on the spot for allegedly inflating the 2013/2014 financial year budget estimates. As a result, Joseph Kalungi, the Masaka LC5 Chairman, Lenos Ngompek, the Masaka RDC invited Kigongo to reconcile the NRM members to resolve the dispute.

They also summoned Peter Ssenkungu, the Masaka NRM Chairperson who is accused of financing the councilors to get rid of the speaker. However, just a minute after the meeting started at around 9am this morning, some members including Fridah Kase Mubanda, the Masaka District Woman MP walked out on Kigongo. Mubanda did not explain why she walked. Mubanda did not explain why she walked. Ddungu Tabula, the Masaka Finance Secretary and Hajj Haruna Numba, the NRM party Publicity Secretary among others also stormed out of the meeting saying it was more of a Democratic Party meet.

Tabula says he decided to walk out on Kigongo because he had diverted from the agenda. He explains that they were summoned to attend an NRM Caucus meeting, which should have been exclusive only party members. Ddungu says allowing DP supporters such as Kibra Ntensibe Manooti, Charles Zziwa and Achilles Mawanda could jeopardize their discussions.

Hajj Haruna Numba, the Masaka NRM Party Spokesperson says he walked out because he felt Kigongo could not resolve the wrangles. He says it was also a waste of time to meet Kigongo since the Local Government Ministry and solicitor general have already pronounced themselves that the councilors don’t have grounds for censuring Kyewalyanga.

Numba says if the councilors cannot agree and conduct council meetings; let them resign from their respective positions. Peter Ssenkungu, the Masaka NRM chairperson explains that it was his decision to invite the DP supporters for the meeting because they are directly involved in the dispute.  Efforts by Kigongo to persuade the NRM leaders to stay were futile.

Shortly after some of the NRM officials stormed out, journalists were also kicked out of the meetin

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  1. In that Camp things are moving from bad to worse,just watch what will unfold soon or later.

  2. Ugandans have nothing to do with NRM,Its President and its members because have proved to be thieves corrupt and leading Uganda nowhere.

  3. We shall soon be witnesses to the historic event. The great fall of NRM. Hajji Kigongo reconcilling who? Did i get it right; reconciling thief with accusers?

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