MPs Divided On Proposed HIV/AIDS Fund

Parliament is yet to decide on which government agency will manage the proposed HIV/AIDS fund.

Parliament in session
Parliament in session

Clause 28 of the HIV/AIDS Control and Management Bill, which is currently being debated in parliament proposes the establishment of an HIV/AIDS fund.

Three government agencies including ministry of health, Finance and Uganda Aids Commission have expressed interest in managing the fund.

However, in a heated debate on Wednesday during plenary MPs argued that they cannot trust the health ministry with such a fund citing mismanagement of the Global Fund money meant for HIV/AIDS and Malaria.

Jack Wamai Wamanga, the Mbale Municipality MP said that whenever he sees the alarming figures of the number of Ugandans living with HIV he recalls how the Health Ministry misappropriated the Global Fund.

Wamanga proposed that the finance ministry collects the money and hands it over to Uganda Aids Commission. David Bahati, the Ndorwa West MP said that Parliament had agreed not to put the fund under the finance ministry.

He also inquired to know, which principles had been put in place so as to guide were the fund should be managed.

Bahati also wondered if UAC handles issues of treatment and coordination.  Alex Byarugaba, the Isingiro County South MP explained that since the commission is mandated to mobilize, expedite and monitor resources of Aids control Aids activities, the money should be ring fenced and given to them.

However, Bright Rwamirama, the State Minister for Agriculture insisted the fund be left under the health ministry.

Justine Lumumba, the Bugiri district Woman MP clarified that Uganda Aids commission has its vote under the Ministry of Presidency and KCCA.

Gilbert Bukenya strongly advised that the money is handled by the entity that has been handling procurement of drugs and has capacity to investigate the ever changing HIV/AIDS virus and mobilize information to support those living positively and negatively.

Rebecca Kadaga the Speaker then proposed that the clause be differed and selected Health committee chairperson Kenneth Omona, Sarah Kataike, Bukenya and Paul Mwiru to formulate the text which will be used.

She also directed them to see how it shall be included in the Finance Bill showing how the resources will be handled. Debate on the HIV/AIDS control Bill continues this afternoon particularly with Clause 41 that calls for criminalization of persons that intentionally transmit HIV/AIDS to others.

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  1. Hey, wait a minute!! They have already started arguing. That money will disappear without trace like the Global Fund saga. HIV/AIDS patients should know that they will never see a tablet on their hands.

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