Modeling Students To Graduate At Fashion Show

One of the pioneer modeling schools in Uganda, The international School of Modeling is set for an exclusive fashion show that will see the first batch of Ugandan trained models graduating.


The Fashion show will and graduation ceremony will kick off this Saturday at Open house along Buganda Road and the show will be themed Urban Afikan fashion night.

“The international School of Modeling was created to show that the world of professional modeling is not just about high fashion & catwalk.

There is a galaxy of opportunity out there for all types of models: curvy, leggy, petite, plus size, mature, strangely beautiful or beautifully strange.

Whatever your look, as long as you have model potential, the international School of Modeling experts will teach you how to make the most of what you have,” said of the officials of the modeling school.

The Show will kick off at 7:00pm and will feature different fashion designers, guest performers and among other things, the models will be issued with their certificate and portfolios as they are introduced into the fashion industry.

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